Magnepan 1.7 Tweeter issue ...

I bought a pair of used 1.7's last year. Flawless transaction with a fellow Audiogon member. Love the speakers but yesterday noticed that the left speaker sounded less "bright."

After comparing the two, it was noticeable that the left speaker was missing the high end. I tried switching cables, switching speakers and came to the same conclusion - that perhaps the tweeter is gone.

They haven't been driven hard, though I have "rocked out" occasionally. I'm using an Emotiva XPA-1 amp and Emotiva USP-1 preamp.

Is it possible that the tweeter has burned? Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
IIRC the panels are fused.
Yeah...check the fuse and/or the jumper to make sure it is
tight. You might even need to unscrew and pull off the back
plate to be sure the wire is still connected inside. They
use just a simple push-on connection that might have vibrated
Magnepan is a pretty reputable company. I would give them a call. I've seen many times where a good audio company will cover something even though its out of warranty. You have nothing to loose.
Yes you have to check the fuse for the tweeter first.
Fuses can blow..
Sometimes its hard to see if the fuse is blown. Switch the fuse from the good speaker and check.
Very good suggestions, thanks. I would like to avoid boxing them up and shipping them to Magnepan if at all possible.
You can also check the back of the speaker connection box to make sure you don't have a loose connection. Two screws hold it in and the wires for the tweeter are tightened down by 2 post nuts. Its unlikely but you'd hate to send it in and then find out it was as a simple as a nut came loose