Magnepan 1.7 owners and subwoofers

Looking for feedback from Magnepan 1.7 (or 1.6 and 3 series) owners and their opinions of different subwoofers. My criteria is musicality, not output. Convenience is important with remote control a plus. I am looking for new with a cost less tha $1500 and $1000 would be better.

I have tried the ported HSU subwoofer with bad results. I went small with a Polk model 2000 mini sub that was better but did not give me the musicality that I was hoping for.

Convenience of having a remote is important. I was constantly adjusting the sub volume when switching from classical to rock music and sometimes between selections of the same genre. I hate reaching over and adjusting blindly controls on the back of subs only to find out once back in your listening chair that it has been set too low or too high. Two of the four subs I am considering (below) have remotes.

Here are four subs that I am currently looking at:
RSL Speedwoofer - size, convience of remote, price and some nice reviews make this one a top choice for me so far
Rythmic F12 Servo
Velodyne Optimum 12 - has remote and highest list price although through Audiophile Liquidators it will be under $1500 delivered.

Other equipment: Wyred 4 Sound STI 500 and DAC 2 and Netgear 9150 music server. Morrow SP 5 speaker cables, Silnote Interconnects.
The Vandersteen 2Wq model is always on the short list for subs that mate well with Maggies.
Awe the curse of the subwoofer adjustment. Buy a speaker that plays lower.
IMO if you want to use a sub for music 2 channel, you should place the sub in a center channel position(between the mains). Its the only way to get it to blend IMO. Sounds fantastic between the mains and can even be set at a high cross over setting
BTW- center placement was used on some Magnepan 1.6's and sounded awesome. I used a SVS 12/2 Ultra forward facing config.
Rel subs are the best to integrate with Maggies and most other types of speakers. They blend in well, are not noticable sonically and do provide a nice wide expansive soundstage.
Better amp.
REL subwoofer(s) are a great match as well.
Happy Listening!

Nothing wrong with W4S amps
Rel is agood sub but the Vandersteen 2wq involves a high-pass which is a huge advantage for the pans and the amp driving them. Magnepan and Vandersteen dealer.
If I had those speakers, and wanted more bass, I'g go with the Magnepan bass panels.
Ran my 1.7's with (2) Velodyne DD12s. I bought a stereo pair used for $2k.
Upgrade to the 3.X or 20.x series!

The bass transition from planar to cone speaker is "NEVER" coherent!