Magnepan 1.7 or used Totem Forest

Which one do you think would sound better for acoustic jazz? For other music overall which one would you prefer? And why? My budget is around $2000. That's why I say used Forest instead of new. Thanks.
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Elb - if you're wondering how Totems or Maggies would sound in your system, one option is to buy used. There are several 1.6QRs available on Audiogon right now and a number of Totems, also.

If you buy with a bit of investigation and a level head, you can audition the equipment at your leisure and then resell it for about what you paid.

You can answer for yourself all of the questions about imaging, volume, bass, interaction with your specific room and so on you may have.
As others have commented used magnepans is a option if you just wanted to try them out. But be carful when you buy magnepans used. Delimitation of the "coil" from the mylar is a very real issue and petty common. As an engineer in the polymer field I can tell you it is climate/time related. Keep them dry, cold damp basements will be an early death, and also keep them out of direct sunlight.

The "ribbon" on the 1.7 might help them last longer than the 1.6 because of the increased surface area to glue the coil to the mylar.
Magnepan for sure.Provided you have a high current amp.
Please consider that Totem Forest is pretty difficult to drive an control. You need a very beefy amplifier and they put lots of bass (bit artificial to my ears) which needs a big room to be consumed. Overall Maggie is far superior if you can keep them 6-8 feet from the rear wall.