Magnepan 1.6QR

Well, I'm sure at least some of you have heard this one before. I walked into a shop, heard the Magnepan 1.6QR's and fell in love. I ordered them knowing full well I'd opened a can of worms for an amp. All I had at home was a Denon 85 watt X 7 receiver for my home theater. My separates were sold off last year when I bought a house.
So here come the Maggies next week and I need something that will work. I know I probably need to spend 2-3K to get the most out of them, but I'm not quite ready for that. I just paid for a HD projector and 120 inch screen! There's only so much money under the mattress.
So the there an amp that will work "reasonably well" with the Magnepan 1.6 for now. I was looking at the Nad C372, which has good reviews and seems to have watts and current to work, but how bad will I be mistreating them? I actually made the shop play the 1.6QR's with a 125 watt Rotel receiver and thought they did quite well with it, but the shop was horrified!
So in time I'll buy better, but is the Nad C372 a good start? Anything else around that price (below or a bit above 1100-1200 dollars) I should consider?

Thanks for any suggestions and tips....

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I own a pair of Magnepan 1.6QRs for my front speakers and MG12s for the rear. I drive all 4 of them with Odyssey power amps. ( A 2 channel one for the front and the 3 channel for the rear. The amps are $1195 and $1595 respectively. I love the amps. I had Klaus at Odyssey upgrade the stereo amp to their extreme version. You can read reviews at Audio Review. ( You will also want to pay close attention to your ancillary equipment as speaker cables and interconnects are ruthlessly revealed with the Maggies. I use Nordost Biwire Blue Heavens for the 1.6s and Monster cable for the rears. Nordost Blue Heaven for all my ICsÂ….Happy listening..!!
A used Plinius intergraded (option of using as an amp, preamp or both) 8100, 8150 or 9200, will easily drive the 1.6's with plenty of volume and sound some what tube-like. You should be able to find some on the used market in your price range.
A used Krell intergraded is also a possibility, but I'm not sure of the pricing?
Robert, in addition to the Plinius and Krell integrated amps which have been mentioned, you might also consider one of Bel Canto's integrated offerings.
If I were in your position I would stick with the Denon for the time being,or, at least give it a try. When I first heard the Maggie 1.6 it was driven by a 50 wpc integrated at a stereo shop. I was mightily impressed. The shop owner told me you will still get the same Maggie sound with the low watts, but to really make them shine, you need better equipment. It would make sense to use the Denon while saving for the better equipment. Then you'll have a great system sooner.

Look into Classe' CAV 75 or 150 on Agon. 75 bridging 2 channels = 150Watts @ 8 ohms & 300 Watts @ 4 ohms. The CAV 15 is double those amounts. the 75 about $1,000 150 about $1,700. I am using Classe 151 with 300 Watts @ 4 ohms and handles the 1.6's very well with a liquid balnaced sound.
For less than $1000 you can't beat the CarverPro zr1600. On my MG1.6 the zr1600 is equal to or better than the well regarded (audiophile approved)Channel Island Audio D-200.

The only drawback is that it has a fan for cooling, which makes a little noise. You can replace the fan with a more quiet one, or even disconnect it if the amp is only used for home audio. The best solution is to locate the amp in the cellar (like mine) or in a closet.

Maggies sound good with low powered amps, but you will not hesr their full potential until you use something in the range of 350 watts, and up (into 4 ohms).

Suggest you Google CarverPro ZR 1600.
Thanks for the responses. I called the shop who sold them to me and spoke to a few other folks and I've ordered a Odyssey Stratos with a few tweaks. I'll let it all play day and night to burn in and I can always return the amp if I'm unhappy. Based on what several 1.6 owners and a few others have said, the Stratos should keep me and the Maggies happy for a while.
And yes, I agree that the Denon can play them. I listened to them for quite a while on a Rotel receiver. The guys at the shop said it was a poor match, but they sounded great at moderate volumes all the same.