Magnepan 1.6 - packing?

Help! I'm packing my Maggie 1.6s for a move. I carefully put the Maggies in the original packing material, but I have a large, rectangular piece of styrofoam leftover. Without the styrofoam, the box seems securely packed, but it makes me nervous to have this big piece leftover.

Any advice?
I would be nervous as well. I don't remember how my Maggie 1.6's pack, but I would look to see that you have styofoam on the bottom, top and in-between the speakers. Those are the areas I would look for styrofoam and as I recall, the box needed some compression to seal properly. I hope this helps. :o)
Call them...they should be able to help you out!
You do not need that extra piece in order to pack your 1.6's. I shipped mine long distance without, and they were fine. It seems odd to not use it but the box will be more compact without. Good luck and insure!