Magnepan 1.6 and Moscode 600s


I am thinking of getting a moscode 600 to drive my 1.6s.
My Dynaco st-70 is clearly not enough power. A few questions,
1. do you think the moscode has enough power to run the 1.6s?
2. its a stereo amp I assume?, meaning not a monoblock?
3. I understand that the key for maggies is to be able to handle ohm drops, and I can not find info on how the watts double between 8 and 4 ohms on the moscode/
4. are there any reasons you can think of for staying away from the moscode?

sorry for all the questions, but I really don't want to buy the "wrong" amp again...

If this is the Moscode 600 that was first released around 1985, it will NOT handle the MG 1.6s as per my experience. Around 1985, I heard a pair of Apogee Duettas (low impedance and high current demand similar to the MG 1.6s) driven by a Moscode 600. After 10 minutes at normal listening volume, the sound became very distorted, possibly due to the amp heating up excessively.

A good budget amp that can drive the MG 1.6s sufficiently is the Adcom GFA-5802, which can be bought used for about $1000. Another alternative is the Bryston 4B-ST at about $1300 used.

The MG 1.6s demand a lot of power to sound good. We tried a few different amps with my friend's MG 1.6s. A Krell KSA 100S was not sufficient. The Adcom GFA-5802 drove it very well.

Hope this helps you. Good luck.

Anders- This is a stereo hybrid (tube inputs, mosfet power stage) amp from the 80s. 300 wpc. I owned a Moscode 300 and liked it very much. Lush, warm tubey sound. Don't know about its ability to handle low impedence loads, or its current capability, but has to provide more current than the Dynaco. Lots of modifiers around for this one. Plastic speaker binding posts not the highest quality. Captive power cord.
Hi there,
I own a pair of 1.6's and drive them with a
McCormack DNA 0.5 REV B. It's 100W/CH for 8 ohm loads and
200W/CH for 4 ohms. It does sound great however I kinda
wish I had more power.(don't we all.) I'm not familiar
with the amp you speak of but if I were you I'd get a high
wattage amp that has a rep of high quality. Yeah, it's gonna
cost but the 1.6's will love you for it and you them.
Aaron hit it on the head- the amp must be able to handle low impedence and have high current to drive the Maggies. At least 125 WPC doesn't hurt, either, and 200 WPC would be better.

Don't get wrapped up in the 4 ohm power rating. Speaker power requirements (and an amp's specs) are generally stated assuming 8 ohms.

My recommendation? Counterpoint SA-20 or SA-220. Around $700 used and a truly great bargain. After trying six carefully selected amps (including an SA-12 @ 100 wpc), the SA-20 was the easy winner with the Maggie MG12's.

For the straight scoop, I suggest you contact George Kaye (George Kaye Audio Lab)., He designed the Moscode, or was one of the designers, and is a corporate sponsor at Audio Asylum.
You could buy a used Innersound ESL amp for about $1200 or so and you would never need more power as it would have 600 watts with the Maggies. I have heard these two together and it is very impressive with presence and dynamics to spare.
I use a Moscode 300 (150 watts rms) with a pair of Thiel 3.5's(difficult load) and, personally, I think the moscodes have B...s to the walls!, plus a great sounding amp! george kaye!...he will be working on mine real soon as i have just bought mine.Hope this helps