Magnavox PP EL84 Amp question

Just purchased one. Up and running , sounds good. Bare original chassis. I have 4 MapleShade ISO Blocks lying around. Should I just put a screw through each of the four holes in the chassis into the ISO Blocks and call it a day? Prefer people with experience with this amp. Very limited discretionary income.
I had a Magnavox console-pull two channel tube amp ( 12ax7, pair of 6AQ5's and an EZ80 rectifier). Single-end and 3 watts output per channel. A bare-chassis which I just placed on top of another component. Fun to play with! Not as good sounding as my SET 2A3 Sanei 560A (all Tango iron)! All those Magnavox console amps had cheap and puny transformers - good iron is hefty and costs a lot!
Sure, why not? Just be careful screws don't get in the way of electronics.
Listen to the same track before and after and see if you spot a difference in sound quality. I had one of these units once and it served me well in rented digs. If the tubes are old, especially the EL84s, you could try a fresh set of tubes from here:
Your PP EL84 (6BQ5) will do about 12 - 15 wpc. And will have a bass response dropping off at 50hz (small output trannies). It will work well with a high-sensitivity speaker like a Klipsch Heresy. Also will match well with a speaker having a powered woofer (Golden Eagle Triton).
Thanks for all your replies.
Why screw them in?  I use isoblocks all the time.  They never move.  Enjoy the amp-amazing, smooth sound that will last decades more.