Magnavox FD 204 CD Player

Hi. My name is Mark. I have been signed up for this site for a while, but have never posted. I found one of these old, 20 Pound CD Players tonight in my local Thrift Store. It works great, but the drawer stops just a little short of closing completely. I have to push it in about 3/8's of an inch to get it to close. It sounds like it continues to run like it is trying to close, and will just open up again without my assistance. I guess it could be an old drive belt. The belt looks fine to me. But it could be worn, and stretched. I have never replaced a CD Player belt. Any ideas? Anybody know the belt size? Or I guess it could be the motor. Any insight is appreciated.

I used to have the philips 104, 204 and 304. They all had similar problem. I have a friend who changed the belts on these players for me and sometimes he had to do more than once to fix the problems. You need to open it up and get a belt a bit smaller. If you still have problems, please use my nick to email me and I will try to get the exact size for you.

Thanks for your response. What is your nick?
Does this unit take more then one belt? I have to get a very small star screw driver head to open the bottom of the unit. If anybody knows the exact size belts I need that would be great. I think this is a really cool unit and would like to get it right. Although it is working fine with the little manual push. -Mark-
Could be a dried up grease issue too, clean the tracks, relube
I think it just pooped out on me. Now it won't read discs. Bummer. I should be able to get a credit for it. Thanks for your replies. -Mark-
Well I did not give up. I cleaned the lens with a dry Q-Tip, and it reads some discs, and skips on others. And is noisier now then it was before. I did not take the laser head out. Maybe I pushed to hard. It looks like the laser can easily be removed. I guess you can't just by a laser for this. Why don't manufacturers create a niche' market for their older equipment?
Move on, it's not worth it.
Move on dude, nothing last forever and it ain't worth it. Time to R.I.P.