Magnavox CDC 745

My Mag CDC 745 has started not reading burned or commercial cds. Also skipping and stopping too soon.If it's a problem with the laser/transport are there NOS ones I can get. Is there compatibility with other players. I really like this player and don't have the $$$ for a new one. Thanks for any help.
You are looking for a laser & transport for a CD player that was made probably 30 years ago.

Not sure how much luck you are going to have.

Philips made the original Magnavox CD players. Lots of fans of the Magnavox sound, the DACs were special I still use a CDB 630 from that time period.

This one is on eBay. Supposedly NOS. Just not a changer like you have.

There are quite a few used CDC 745's  on Amazon for $55 and less in working condition.
Wow! Thanks for the quick responses. I just joined and admit I am not used to communicating digitally. My kids help me out. I have a flip phone and don't even text. These give me some options as I am on a fixed income and want to repair mine since it is modified using a tube output.Thanks again for your quick and informative replies!
The  CDC 7345 has a very mediocre Philips DAC chip (SAA7341) while the CDB 650 and 630 models mentioned above have different versions of the legendary Philips TDA1541 and TDA1541A chips respectively. I would definitely try to get one of those as there is little in that price range ($100-150) that could possibly come close. The transports on these made in Belgium Magnavox players are pretty bullet proof as well.
Two questions-#1-are the Magnavox CDC 745 and the Philips CDC 745 changers exactly the same?    #2 Can the preferred Philips DAC chips be installed in my CDC 745 changer? Thanks in advance.