Magnapan MMG and Scott 222

Will this work?
It works!
This is a Mapleshade modified amp, so it puts out a little more than stock,
The sound quality is very good with an overall warm quality, and very good detail.
The room is small, (12x12), and on the bright side, with hard wood floors. There's plenty of volumn but I typically listen at moderate levels.

I have had 2 different solid state amps in my room and neither actually played much louder than my ST 70. The differences primarily was in bass solidity. Since I posted my response I have purchased a Dali Suite 1.2 subwoofer which is sealed and it has blended in with the MG12's much better than I ever thought. I'm rolling my Maggies off on the bottom end with a pair of filters designed to do just that around 40hz to 50hz. I have my sub set right in between and as I said it blends nicely.
The Stratos 150 w amp was a little bright compared to my ST 70. The other was a 100 watt amp vintage 80's and it was a little more brighter than the ST 70. I upgraded my cable from Kimber 4PR to 8TC and the highs are sweeter the there is less of the highs. Cables can make a pair of Maggies more or less listenable depending on the amp. So I"m now looking for a pair of speaker cables that don't roll off as much on the top end. I will keep you informed. But the ST 70 is doing a great job in my room. I'm also thinking of getting a Muse 100 to use on the Maggies. I like the sound of the Muse but I don't know how they would sound on the Maggies.
Try anticables or 12-20awg solid core copper magnet wire. (cheap at ratshack) It works great.

I use 12awg which is the same as anticables but some other guys on the Magnepan useres group seem to like 16-18 guage.

Good stuff.