magnapan mg1

i can get a very nice pair of these for $300 and wondering if any members have opinion on these and at that price.i nave 130wpc
Listen first, and then buy.

would be no op to listen first
I owned a pair for 20+ years. had them rebuilt in WhiteBear Lake years ago. Nothing else like 'em and for 300$, (maybe a little too much unless near-perfect) they should be pleasing. I had them in everything from closet size rooms to really / really big 2-story living rooms.
Listen First? obviously.
Don't expect amazing bass. Clarity and delivery are these speakers forte.
DO NOT replace the fuse with ANY GREATER value then the 1 1/2 amp fuse listed on the connector panel.
Unless the image is weird, also obey the left / right markings on that same panel.

Enjoy....please post listening impressions when you get them up and running.
Ditto on what has been said already. I got mine for $80 from a thrift store. They didn't know what they had. I did have to replace the fuses. As far as size of room goes, mine is 10x10 which is very small. I had very boomy bass so I ended up getting a Soundcraftsman equalizer to smooth things out. They sound pretty good right now but I can't wait to get them in a bigger room. You will need a powerful amp to really get them to sing. I ended up getting a Carver TFM55 and that seems to do fine. Good luck Dan