Magnapan 1.6 and 65 inch tv

I was thinking of purchasing Mag. 1.6.My question is will there be a problem with me setting them up between my 65 inch tv.The total distance is 8ft.I just want to know will I be missing something on the sound
I think your wrong Ozzie,I happen to have a Plinius 9200 integrated amp that lets you loop a processor and I get the goods in both worlds,music and ht.

Plinius 9200
Denon 3910
birdland audio ag dac
Alon 2 speakers
Lexicon Processor
I'm not talking about electronics, although what you said IS debatable.

Speaker placement. Ever heard of it? Put your speakers where they will accurately reproduce a movie soundtrack in relation to your screen and they will not be positioned best for two channel music. And vice versa. No question about it.

I will say you are correct about placement,this is why I was asking the question
So what exactly is the problem with having a TV in between your speakers when listening to 2 channel audio? This may seem like a basic question but I'm curious... Can someone please explain the theory and sonic implications? Or point me to a link that does so...

Ozzy is a bit harsh in his response, but it is true that having the tv between the maggies (any speaker in fact) will negatively impact the sound. I don't watch movies, but have a big screen between my 2.7qr's (wife wanted it) and it the imaging is no where as good as it was without the big screen. The early reflections and blocking of the rear wave compromise the sound. That said, I would rather have my 2.7's than not have them so I live with the compromise (I would love to throw out the TV, but my wife freeks when I mention it, I don't watch TV).