Magnapan 1.6 and 65 inch tv

I was thinking of purchasing Mag. 1.6.My question is will there be a problem with me setting them up between my 65 inch tv.The total distance is 8ft.I just want to know will I be missing something on the sound
Oh Gosh, @#@!&** (much hand wringing).............. Don't tell me. My HT system sounds like crap, I've just wasted a bunch of money on a pair of Maggies, and I did'nt even know it......

Thanks for the heads up Ozzy!!!!

UHHUM......... Contrary to the above, the Maggies sound pretty damn good. I'd say go for it. (Just don't invite our friend Ozzy over for a listen).
Oh, I know how good maggies sound. I used to own a pair of 1.6s with heavily modified xovers. But it seems like a waste of ANY good speaker to relegate it to HT duties. I guess it all depends on where your priorities lie. For me, my modest Boston Acoustics/Pioneer/Samsung/Sharp video rig does just fine for movies in a separate room. But when it's time to listen to music, I don't fool myself with thinking it can be a contender.

The bottom line is, if you have to combine a music and HT system together, just realize that there are compromises to be made. They can co-exist, but not to the full advantage of either one.

I think your wrong Ozzie,I happen to have a Plinius 9200 integrated amp that lets you loop a processor and I get the goods in both worlds,music and ht.

Plinius 9200
Denon 3910
birdland audio ag dac
Alon 2 speakers
Lexicon Processor
I'm not talking about electronics, although what you said IS debatable.

Speaker placement. Ever heard of it? Put your speakers where they will accurately reproduce a movie soundtrack in relation to your screen and they will not be positioned best for two channel music. And vice versa. No question about it.

I will say you are correct about placement,this is why I was asking the question