Magnan Signature speaker cable


Anybody have any experience with the Magnan Signature speaker cable?
I need a good cable on my (high/mids) magnetostatic panels (IRS Beta). Would this be the right cable?
please help me out!


Hello Alex,

Congrats on being an IRS Beta owner! That's a superb loudspeaker system.

I've sold quite a few pairs of Magnan Signature speaker cabling to customers who own electrostatic loudspeakers (Sound Labs, Martin Logans, and Quads). I've also sold a pair or two to Maggie 3.6 owners, which is probably a closer approximation to your IRS Betas. If you don't need the cabling to "fix" the tonal balance in some way, the richly detailed and coherent Magnans are likley to work very well.

I'm pretty sure they'd be a good match for the Beta mid/tweet towers, but haven't actually tried the combination. I have a customer who's looking to sell a used pair of Magnan speaker cables, if you might be interested. He's replacing them with a cable that retails for many times their price. I can put you in touch with him if you'd like.

Best of luck to you,

Duke LeJeune
New Orleans
Even if this thread are a bit old I would like to tell about my experience.
Over the years I have tested a lot of different cables, and Magnan Signature have been a long time survivor against other cables.
Some of the cables that I hve owned:
Cardas Golden Cross (Magnan Sign. is better)
Nordost Valhalla (tie vs. Magnan Sign.)
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5.2 (Magnan better)
Kimber Kable Bi-Focal (Magnan much better)
MIT MH-750 CVT (Magnan much better)
MIT MH-770 CVT Twin (Magnan better mid/high, MIT in bass)
MIT MH-850 Evo Shotgun(Tie in mid/high, MIT better bass)
PAD Opis (very different sound, but Magnan wins in openess)
Tara Labs The One (Magnan are overall better)

Overall Magnan Signature are on par with the absolute best I have tried in mid and high register, but somewhat shy in the bass regions, but it still can be used with great success in many high end systems even in bass.

But if you want the absolut best you should look for a different cable in the bass register.
Considering price Magnan Signature are a run-away-bargain.

The cables I still own are Magnan Signature, MIT MH-770 and MIT MH-850.

I use Magnan Sign. on my Infinity Epsilons panels together with MIT MH-770 on the servoregulated bass.
Great sound...

MIT MH-850 are best used fullrange, so I use this cable on a second system I have.

Hope this helps you to understand that Magnan Signature are one of the best loudspeaker cables around and should not be overlooked regardless of price.