Magnan Signature ics - The Ultimate

I have been using the NBS Monitor iv interconnects balanced. Great cable but have now heard the Magnan Sigs and these are phenomenal. Any one else had the same experience or found something superior. Any second hand pairs around. They are expensive.
I've not heard them, but it seems like they'd be dynamically laid back, being such high resistance cables. Are they not? I did try the Signature power cord, and it was.
I can tell you the dynamics are not restricted, though slight loss of gain. There is a certain weight to the sound with huge soundstage and incredible depth that just sounds so right and musical. If you get the chance try a pair out to see.
I'm trying so many lately, I don't know which way is up.
I have two pairs of the Signatures-unfortunately my system can only handle one pair due to the increased impedance. I achieved the best results placing the Signature between the DAC and the preamp-no other cable comes remotely close to achieving huge soundstage and depth-definately the most musical and totally non-fatiguing.However,when used between the preamp(cello audio palette miv) and the amps(cello encore 150, sim w-5 and bel canto ev200.2)-the result was always the same= a loss of bass and squashed dynamics.I assume it is due to the markedly increased impedance of having two of them in the system at the same time.I probably will be selling one pair if anybody is interested.However the last cable that will ever go from my system is that balanced Magnan Signature between the DAC and Preamp.
Correct on the gain. It can be up to 3db and many systems cannot handle that. However, you can use as suggested between amp and pre and then add Magnan Vi with no gain problems and it has excellent characteristics mirroring the Sigs.
Dale Let me know what you want or them. My e-mail is
I recently picked up a used set of the Magnan Signature IIIi's and they are phenomenal. Soundstage is AWESOME and they sound utterly musical. Sean >