Magn. susp. flywheel for 20Kg magn. susp. platter


The following is an extreme analogue design, which I thought I should share:

Please, visit:, which is a paper, mainly describing most of the technicalities of a huge flywheel design for a huge platter (many pictures included). I am also taking the chance to review my whole analogue set-up. So, I cover the following subjects:

1. The current state of the analogue set-up (aas gabriel Swiss made t/t)
2. The description of the t/t elements
3. The flywheel project (my extreme DIY intervention...)
4. The finished analogue system set-up - Accessories.

Listening comments and concluding notes will follow soon, after the break-in period to complete the paper...

Wish all a Happy New Year

Christos Skaloumbakas
President of the
Audiophile Club of Athens at:
My system at:
Thankyou Sir, for making this site available to audiogon. Extremely imformative to say the least.
There have been updates to this paper and it is now finished (at last...)

If you have time, please re-visit:
(Heavy weight-high rotation magnetically suspended flywheel for a large mass magnetically suspended t/t platter!)

Sorry for the 20 months delay...