I hope you all can imagine me shrieking magicos like a little kid who was given a gift he thought was unattainable...but without the squeaky voice....and of course they were not a gift, although certainly a fair deal. maybe i am not as happy as that little kid but its pretty cool. i figure if you get the a line at 35 I can scrape my way to the s line by 40 and be set to make some really stupid decisions later on...which is great.

the only problem in paradise is that I literally just got spendor 9.2s and i spared no expense on the line..they have this unique mix of accuracy, fun, and a response to electronics that has surprised me. So i must keep both of course...

i got the magico beginners kit, a3s, and they will be going in a medium room that is likely a touch small for them. they are replacing 226bes that worked perfectly in the space. id be interested in any dream lines that consider my space but pretend budget isnt an issue.

the knock on the original spendor d7 and d9 designed and voiced by terry miles was that the excitable, edgy treble got in the way of the overall quality/balance/goodness of the speaker, especially with solid state amplification ...  the improvement in the d9.2 was revoicing the tweeter... if they got it more 'right' this time around the 9.2 should be outstanding!
I acknowledge you different Magico Speakers, but this might be helpful to you...

Drew, I love my A3’s, having gotten them not too long after they came out and fortunately prior to the price rise. They do take a while to burn in, but you should start noticing a difference in short order.

I put the Isoacoustic Gaia feet on mine too and noticed they noticeably tightened the bass response and increased separation. To be fair I put Isoacoustic feet on all the other components at the same time, so the improvement was likely cumulative. I was pleasantly surprised any tweak could make a difference like that.

I hope you enjoy your Magico A3’s. They are a great and stylish looking speaker too  especially with the grill on, as part, not the focus of, a rooms decor,. They will reproduce amazingly with great detail whatever signal you feed them. Enjoy.


So i must keep both of course...
You lucky $%#^&#*& !!!
I like the look of them (A3), no nonsense clean and purposeful.
I went to check out your system page, and I saw a sailing photo, I presume of you? Fun looking sloop if that’s yours? I sailed a sloop with two others across the Sth. China Sea. Once, just once.
Fortunately, I was ignorant of what the water spouts could do to us, as beautiful as they were. One of the blokes put a flying fish under me as I slept and I thought I’d killed it, until after months he finally told me he’d done it and it was already dead.

As other have asked, please post your impressions, and if time permits a system page with the A3s.

i am not sure which picture you are referring 2 or even that i had a systems page but i assure you i am no captain. i will follow up though, as ive been listening to the A3s for pretty much a day straight...plopped my desk right in front them basically.

....and i know im a @#$%. i used to hate me...when i had some black device connected to bose 301s that were completely falling apart....but at least im not the guy with 200k system that uses it for an hr of opera on thursday nights. opera guys are the worst....