I am looking to upgrade my speakers and ask if any Audiogoners in NY Metro area own Magico Mini II's or V2's or YG Carmels that I could stop in and listen to. I come bearing a nice bottle of wine or beer of your choice. Won't stay long. Don't want to make a major investment without listening, and will be buying used so don't want to mislead brick & mortar shop.


If your in, or around the Atlanta Ga. area, i have a Carmel system your more than welcome to come and spend a couple days in front of.
I'm in the Boston area and you are welcome to hear my Mini 2's. I will add that a store demo of the V2 was for me the best in store demo I had ever heard of a music system. I ended up buying the Mini 2s because I found them to be a bit more coherent and balanced, but they are more expensive. They are also built to a higher standard and are better looking IMO. However, the V2 is a great value used at around $9K. I've only heard the Carmels at a show and not in my system, so can't really comment on them.
I have Carmel's in a Concert Fidelity powered system about 80 miles from NYC. I am available weekends
Thank you all. Appreciate the kind offers. Will be in touch if I am in your vicinity.

Powder1, can you tell me where you are located? I am in Westchester county. Thx.


Neal, I am in Allentown, Pa. Steve
Both brands will be at axpona. The YG, including Carmel, did very well in the hotel room at RMAF.
Thanks, Powder. A bit out of my flight range.

I may have to wait until the NY Audio Show in April. Cannot buy a speaker this expensive without a long listen. Everyone says show demos may not properly reflect (no pun intended) the qualities of a speaker, but IMHO, neither do dealer listening room demos. So one does one's best in diving the speakers true colors (so to speak).

I have had a few superb dealer demos at Goodwins Highend in Boston. Much better than anything I heard at the two audio shows that I've attended. Seek out a good dealer with good rooms and you will get a good idea of what these speakers can do.