Magico Vs Vandersteen 5 A

Has anyone compared the magico mini or V3 to the Vandersteen 5 A
Help us help you a little here. What Amp/Preamp will you
be using. What is your source/sources.
If you can get to Chicago, you can hear the V3 and 5A, as well as Revel Salons, Sonus Faber Elipsas, and Avalon Indras all at Quintessence Audio in Skokie. They have an excellent listening room and great electronics, so you'll really get to hear the differences in the speakers for yourself.
I have not heard the mini but I find it hard to believe it can compete with the 5A across the board but the Vandy is my favorite speaker.
These were the best Magico speakers.
They were built in the 90s.
Here's 3 pics of them.
Doug99- Have you had the chance to compare this model to
the newer models. I recently heard their 130K model, and
was very impressed.

I have the VTL 7.5 preamp, Audio research VTM 200 monoblock amps,SME 10
table,esoteric cd and vandersteen 5A speakers.
Nice pictures. No wonder the amps used were Tube Research Lab amps.