Magico V3 & S3

Has anyone compared these two models.
How are they different?

I have been told that the S series has a warmer and more forgiving tonal balance, but that some find the V series to be ultimately more revealing.
Compared the Q3 much more inner detail,better stage depth and better bass speed and detail however it does cost much more.
I did hear the S1 and S5. I like them both for their 3 dimensional image. But.....they are not the best in response.

Other Magico speakers can do this a lot better!

I heard a demo with the S5. The low freq. got acoustic problems with the floor. You could easilly hear that some layers of the low freq were missing.
You mean excessive bloated bass, yes, missing for sure….
Thanks for getting back to me regarding my post.
Just heard the S3 yesterday... very upfront. Reminded me of JBLs hanging in the ceiling of discos...
Upfront is caused by the electronics they use. When you are not aware of the properties of the electoninics you use. You don't know how the image will be. It is that simple!
Thanks for everyone getting back to me regarding my question.
I decided to buy a newer pair of Vandersteen 5A'S.
Richard Vandersteen has a gift for developing great products.
Also his company provides top notch service for his clients.
Enjoy your new speakers:)
Picked a Chevy over a Porsche, enjoy!
Picked a Timex not a Rolex!!
I had a chance to listen to the V3's only.
I found the music to be lacking emotion. Also a bit mehanical sounding.
My Thiel CS6 Even sounded better.
Alan what amps, source and canles did they use with the Magico's?
All you can do is choose what sounds better for your desires. I wouldn't want a speaker either if I felt it couldn't communicate emotion that's certainly present in music. You wisely relied on your ears and in the long term you'll be happier. Some listeners will love Magico and some will find them dry and un involving.
With involving amps and sources all Magico's van sound musical. Depends more in waht you use.

The S series are only not the fastest in response. Other Magico's use different material and are faster.

The S1 is the best looker. The S5 is not as handsome as the S1.
I agree 100% if you use the best the MAGICO will sound the best mine do.
I prefer all speakers which can give a full 3D image and an intimate image as well. Magico does it!

That's why Andy C from Stereophile used them as a Reference Speaker.
As I look back, even my Aerial 10T's would give them a run for there money!
LOL. Based on your reaction, I bet you never even seen a V3.
Those speakers are yesterdays news only you think there better!!!!Good luck start a Thiel thread!!!!
Thiel are not that good in 3D stage compared to Magico. Because their crossovers are less precise. People have to keep and focus on the facts.

He can prefer his Thiel speakers, that is ok. Thiel totally sound different than Magico speakers.
I only heard the V3's. Someone I know who's an accomplished musician that plays bass, who went to Juilliard School Of Music. When he auditioned them, he told me in his opinion, they where lacking something. I said what do you mean? They didn't touch my heart.
I sure have. I like your earlier comment on them.