Magico V3

Hi there,

I’m now using Wilson WP7 and thinking replacing to Magico V3, can anyone tell me is it the right move to do so? Are the V3 better than WP7 in all aspect? How about compare to the new Magico A3? 
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You need to listen for yourself.  Magic speakers aren’t chump change.  
Look at Magico A3s better sound although the V3 is a great speaker as well i think A3s are even better.Enjoy!!
just heard the Magico 6 on YT,,,what a  crappy speaker,,,reminds me of a  Sony 1975 boom box i had. 
Go SEAS Thor add a  sub = class A sond,,had the Thors now 17 yrs,,would not trade them for any speaker in the universe. 
I can't comment well on every Wilson and Every Magico, but yeah, I've always found the Magico's boomy/ chesty sounding.
Don't listen to the MAGICO detractors they are prejudiced and broke.
"...just heard the Magico 6 on YT,,,what a crappy speaker..."

Very smart, evaluating speakers by listening to them on Youtube...!!!???
Magico has sold over 800 pairs of A3s because people love boomy/chesty.Oh well everybody has a different perspective on a great speaker.
Someone I know and have great respect for has the A3 speakers and loves them. I myself would love to hear them.