Magico v2 with mcintosh 601

Magico v2 speakers and mcintosh mc-601 monofónic amplifier are a good combination? Can work together? Moré apreciations please
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Not really Mac too slow try Pass 350 ch or Rowland 8t.
Pass XA100.5 is what one of the Magico insiders uses with his V2. Excellent
combination. The X350.5 would also be very good, IMO. I heard them with a
100 watt Spectral stereo amp and they were superb also, but that necessitates
Spectral pre and MIT cables, so it gets expensive.

The V2 is an excellent speaker that deserves lots of good, clean power with high
current. I have only heard them with solid state electronics. I would prefer class
A monoblocks myself because they are quite neutral and transparent speakers.
In the right room, and set up properly, they are an extremely high value speaker.
Magicos in general are hard to drive and shine with high power amps, but v2s are probably the least powerhungry of the lot.

I see no reason why they should't work together.
They need high quality amplification, but not necessarily high wattage. I brought my old Mark Levinson Nr. 29 (class A with only 50 w per channel) to a Magico dealer to hook it up to a pair of V2. Long story short, I brought them home that day.

I used to own a series of B&W products, and prior to this upgrade, I auditioned Dynaudio lines and some Focal offerings. I now understand why B&W speakers have lost their reputation among serious audiophiles and high end stores, I digress... B&W nautilus diamond 2 series throughout their range sounds clearly worse than mid range Dynaudio or Focal. Now, magico is in another league altogether.

Anyway, V2 sounds amazing now in my bedroom, connected to an old but real gem amp from ML. Only 50 W per channel solid state, but V2 sings beautifully throughout their entire frequency. After reading their reviews about being a great deal at $20K???, but once you listen, you will know. It will be very difficult to find anything out there close in sound quality and build even at this price.
Congratulations Jchoiny. The V2 really is excellent.