Magico V2 or V3 Vs Martin Logan Spire

Have been a long time Martin Logan owner, sequels to sequel II's to QuestZ, Vantages and Spires. I now feel it is time for something new. I also have Von Schweikert VR4 III HSE which give a very different perspective on music. Looking for a speaker that splits the difference between detail/transparency (logans) and the imaging/impact of a dynamic speaker (VSH). Preamp is an ARH Reference 1 and I switch off Amps. With the Logan's either a Krell 2250 (much better amp then expected) and Nuforce Ref V2 SE. With the VSH I find my ARC VT 100 III works very well (lifeless on the Logan's). Cables are Acoustic Zen silver reference as interconnects and Stereovox speaker cables. Main source is an Ayre QB9 for digital and Sota sapphire /mmt / dynovector Karat 17d /ARC PH5. Room is 23' X 17 with vaulted ceiling, sonically a good room (most important component :-) )
How do you think I would enjoy the Majico's. plan to purchase used so feel it is wrong to waste the time of a dealer demoing. Looking forward to some informed opinions!
Put pair in your system and see if you like the sound. If so, keep them. If not, keep on searching...

Would love to try the TAD's, but unfortunately they are out of my price range. Looking to spend on the used market from 9 - 12K. How are the Pioneer TAD's?
Appreciate the suggestion.
And, yes I most likely will put a pair of Magico's in my system and give a listen, but always interested in the opinions of those who have been their done that.