Magico V2 / Dynaudio C4

I was recently offered really compelling prices for both pair of speakers, and because there is really no where near for me to audition neither, I was hoping that someone can give me some advices as far as what are the advantages of either speaker. Thank you!
The Dynaudio is a large, almost full-range speaker that can play very loudly and handle big orchestral music. It requires a large room.

The Magico is appropriate for medium to small-sized rooms and has limited loudness compared to the Dynaudio (it has two less drivers and is sealed-box). It does not play as "big" as the Dynaudio, which is good for some types of music and not good for others.

Both are excellent speakers - they just have different uses.
I heard the V2s and C2's, sorry, not the C4's, on the same day. The V2's are good speakers. Good dynamics, imaging, and extension. I thought these would be pretty good with orchestral works. I actually preferred SF Cremona's to the V2's on small scale works and vocals. I did not like the V2's as much as Wilson Sophia 3's, which are about the same price new. The V2's could be a good purchase for the right price, depending on your taste in music.
If the C4's sound anything like the C2's I'd pass. I was not impressed at all with the C2's.
V2 wonderful speaker you got ears its your cash!!
IMO I disagree..The C4s are not limited to large rooms ,mine worked great in medium room so thats nonsense.The C2s are not even close to C4s so you cant compare them at all..and again IMO if your looking at Magico forget the V versions and buy the newer line
Jump on the new MAGICO Q1 it sounded great when i heard it at Ears Nova in NYC.
Or find a used pair of Mini II's. There are some deals on the "wooden" Magico speakers right now. They won't be as inexpensive as the V2, but you get what you pay for, especially at current used prices, IMO.
Mission, what are the dimensions of your listening room? Just curious about your experience with the C4s.