Magico Ultimate Loudspoeakers

Anyone else read Robert Harley's Cutting Edge Article in this months TAS? Is that were we all would head after winning the Powerball?
I read it. I just got a chance to hear the 20k Magico Minis last month, and I can't say I was bowled over--especially for the price. If the Ultimate has the same house sound, I'd opt for something else. Not that I'd be able to afford it anyway, but that's just a trivial point. :)
I've heard the Magicos and like them. It would be interesting to compare them against others such as the Acapella La Musikas and the Audiomachina Ultimate Monitors.
Hooper, In a post of yours back in August, you spoke favorably of the Kharma 3.2s (I own a pair). Thanks in advance for any comments you might offer on the the Kharmas vs. the Magicos.
Don't know how this mega system would sound to my ears, but boy I sure would kill to hear it based on the eloquent way R. Harley describes it! The attention to every single detail, right down to the "Toshiba industrial-strength uninterruptable power supply..." and "AC power system built into a walk-in-closet-sized room lined with RF shielding..." etc., had me salivating like a donut-eating Homer Simpson reading a Playboy.
Yup. I am tempted to buy one and sell tickets to audiophiles to listen, only 2,290 tickets at a hundred a pop would pay for these babies. Of course have to hit the lottery for another half mill to do the room and associated equipment.