Magico Ultimate III - $700,000 Speakers

For a pair of Magico Ultimate III, they ask for 700 thousand dollars, and five-way systems with horn design are hidden in aluminum cases with a height of 230 centimeters. They reportedly require 10 amplifiers, and in terms of technical innovation, it is worth noting that a highly sensitive compression driver is located in the throat of each horn.




Well, all that I can say is, I still think that you're a nice guy, but I'm sorry that I mentioned it.

It's OK, friend roxy54.... *G*

We all have different goals, and have gone through much to arrive here in our own manner and means.  Nothing much to hide, or much of a reason to do so. ;)

Btw, for the mental health devotee' in our audience, in no circumstance did I lose consciousness in any of the episodes I referred to above.

In one case, I knocked the other kid out cold (accidental head butt in a flag football skirmish).  The coach approached me and ask me to try out for the school team.

"No, if I can hurt someone like that I'd rather not.  Obviously one could get really hurt in a real game..."  And so much for an NFL career...never big, heavy, or strong enough anyway. *mock tsk*


If Jay toured the Magico facility and recommends then I'm sure people will place a 2nd mortgage on their house 🤣🤭😜

Magico calls these horn speakers, but they are actually hybrid speakers that include horns.  Horn bass is the icing on the cake.  I would prefer Living Voice Vox Olympians with horn subs for about the same money.