Magico Ultimate, how is it?

Is it indeed that good?
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Perhaps somewhere between the two opinions above?
The Absolute Sound says its good so it must
One thing for sure, there can't possibly be a better speaker coming from Magico in the future, nor a Mark II version--after all, it is "the ultimate".
I wish I have them even they do sound horrible (unlikely). They do look spectacular.
The great thing about opinions is that there are so many of them.

My own opinion is that anyone who drops much more than $6000 on loudspeakers is wasting their money because you can build a Linkwitz LX521 and amplification for less than that and never need or want to buy anything ever again.

But that's my opinion. 

If you're asking someone else's opinion on audio, then you're asking the wrong person.  Go listen to as many hi-end systems as you can that are within your budget.  Buy what you like and enjoy it.

The only opinion really worth a damn is your own.
The only opinion really worth a damn is your own