Magico S5 Speaker - SET UP ADVICE PLEASE - Tow-In - Etc.

Any Magico Owners or Dealers or Folks or anyone that may have some basic advice, ideas or feedback from hearing or seeing in a friends, dealers system or owned older version of Magico or something like or anything really that can help me? How are yours or theirs set up? The smallest moves makes huge changes and I am coming from speakers that are so very different so any and all feedback would so welcomed.

I CAN EMAIL YOU PICS of Room / Set up / Etc  fsmthjack at YAH00



ROOM:                         24 x 14 with cathedral ceilings 
MUSIC:                        Good mix - no hard metal / large orchestra and the like
LOUDNESS:                normal levels - just loud enough to sound best
SPEAKERS                  Magico S5 Speakers
AMP:                            Pass Labs X350.5 Amp
SOURCE:                     Bricasti M1SE DAC
TRANSPORT:               mircoRendu 1.4 w/Full suite of Uptone Audio products
CABLES                       HiDiamond Full Loom 
CONDITIONER            HiDiamond HDX2
SUBWOOFERS           (2) Sumiko S.9 Subs (hoping not needed with new Magico's) 

Thanks guys - I am kind of lost here and any help or feedback to get me heading in the right directions would be so appreciated.

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Thanks! for the update fsmithjack
I have always wanted to demo Kubala cabling, good to read that the switch made a positive difference. I cannot offer advice on vinyl nor TT. I am a CD and SACD guy. Keep writing as you figure and configure your system. It all takes time to gel together.
Happy Listening!
Hey guys - I just ordered the Magico S5 MK II and would love any of your feedback if any of you guys has any? Here is the thread.

So my new Magico S5 MK II Speakers that I ordered on November 11, 2018 were delivered and installed in my room 3 days ago and I am psyched.

I never ordered speakers brand new and had them made for me before this way just like I want them so the wait was not fun but the idea and process sure was.

They sound totally different then original S5 which is kind of odd. They look similar but sound nothing like the originals. They have totally different drivers, cables, crossovers and the cabinet looks similar but is totally different so I guess it makes sense but I was thinking more of a evolutionary sound then a totally different sound but they are nothing like the old ones. Still burning them in and will be for the next month or so but they are awesome and I am psyched.

I appreciate the info and help on this thread.
Congrats on your new speakers!  I absolutely love my S3Mk2s as I’m sure your will your S5Mk2s