Magico S5 Speaker - owners - heard them!

Guys anyone that has heard these can you please provide some feedback. Would love your thoughts and feedback on these. I'm picking a Preowned pair and wanted some thoughts. What are your impressions - amps that match best - what you have heard them compared to?
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Hey Kalai - I know what you mean about the single - full range drivers - I hope that's not the case though but I understand it may be.

I think Rethm makes the best - single - full range driver in the world - my hope is that with the Magico it has its own strengths - it's pristine - super low distortion - dynamic speaker in it's own right - it's different but I hope I love them. 

What I don't really understand is that so many people love the Magico's and why you hear so little about the Rethm's. I mean I heard them and had to have them but other than 6Moons who did back flips over them. They said they have no natural preditor but my hope is that I like the Magico's even more. Much more I hope!

Its funny preparing for the arrival of the Magico's I made a trade deal with an audio buddy of mine and acquired the Pass Labs X350.5. It's a beast and will provide 700 watts into 4ohm which should be a nice match for the Magico's. Provide some nice headroom.

For the heck of it I hooked the Pass up to my 103db Rethms.

I reached out to Nelson first to make sure the Pass amp wouldn't launch my speakers through my ceiling into my He laughed and told me no problem they will work fine - he just didn't know how I would like the sound. I don't listen real loud 85db maybe 88db when I want to turn it up.

They sound absolutely fantastic. I was amazed - like a really good tube amp with an incredible bottom end with but speed. To be sure it wasn't just me my buddy couldn't believe how good that amp with those speakers sounded as well.

I'm excited that I have such a well matching amp that I already really like for the Magico's. The Pass amp is warm and round and extended. My Krells, BAT or Levinson's never sounded anything even remotely like this. I'm psyched! 

Anyone else try pair Magico with Pass?

Love the comments and feedback folks - makes the waiting for them to arrive a little easier - that's the hardest par - that waiting :) 
Everyone I've heard that owns the Odyssey love them. They have loyal followers for sure / must be great stuff but it's one the brands I've never heard or even seen in person but I've read about them and know the designer is very well thought of. 
No doubt the 350.5 will be a great match with Magico.  Regarding the Bricasti, I doubt you'll need a dedicated pre-amp.  The volume control is so good in the M1.... at that level a pre-amp becomes more of a toy than a game changer.
I say try a preamp. I've owned several DACs, including the M1 and always preferred the sound with a preamp.

I have the  Magico S1 mkI and am very happy with them in my 12x17 room.

I replaced the very fine Revel F52s with the S1s and was amazed at the difference in resolution and speed.   I was using a Simaudio 600i with the F52s.   As good sounding and dynamic as the 600i is, a few folks suggested the S1s needed more power to really be at their best so I upgraded the 600i to a Pass X250.8 and Simaudio 740P preamp and this combo with the S1s is amazing!