Magico S5 Debut David Michael Audio

David Michael Audio will be debuting the amazing Magico S5 loudspeaker Saturday September 29th from 11am - 6pm. The highlight of the product debut will be Irv Gross, Director of Sales for Magico, conducting product demonstrations throughout the day. Irv will also be happy to answer any Magico related questions you may have. For more information
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Great speakers at full list.
I guess I don't know how a "debut" works because the S5s have been set up for audition at Hanson Audio for over a month now!
....and then some....a purchase you can be confident in!
hurry, hurry, hurry...step right up folks!!!!
What is the MSRP on the Magico S5?

I would love to hear them.
I recall a figure of 28,900.
These seem like Magico's answer to the Wilson Sasha. Has anyone compared them to each other?
Maybe they will give away a free pair!!
They will be serving lunch ,dinner&snacks with wine to all!!
You should jump on them Ebm
I will jump right after you Dude!!
Anybody win free speakers how great was the food!!Did everybody get blown away!!
Ebm, Do you still have your Magico Mini 2s? What do you think of the newer Q and S series, in all seriousness?
Yes.Dont know.
David Michael how many people jumped on a pair??
MAGICO Mini 2 still GREAT!!!!!!!
Interesting that Magico was not at RMAF this year. I well remember hearing the
Q5 there two years ago.

EBM, I agree, the Mini 2 is still a great speaker, though I would like to hear the
Q1 and Q3.
Magico was not a RMAF because they are CHEAP!!
haha really?
How many pairs have they jumped on DUDE!!!!!!!!!