Magico S1 owners - speaker cable suggestions

I am inquiring of Magico S1 owners what speaker cables you are using with your speakers. I am looking to purchase a pair. My amp is a Modwright KWA150. Thanks in advance.
The new Tara Labs Evolution Zero interconnect and new Evolution Omega speaker cables would be a revalation in whats possible with sound reproduction.
Thanks everyone for your responses. I ended up with the Synergistic Research Element Tungstens in my system. Ridiculously low noise floor compared to my previous cables - Acoustic Zen Holograms - no slouch by the way. Still breaking in the speakers and cables.
Nice choice Imaginett on the SR Element Tungsten cables. Magico were using Synergistic cables at CES this year. I will have to check those out. And yes they would be a big upgrade from your old Holigrams. I'm enjoying the natural/organic sound of Jorma Prime with Vitus and Magico, but it's matter of personal taste.