Magico S1 - Dynamics and Amplifier Suggestions


I just purchased a pair of Magico S1s and am driving them with a Simaudio 600 integrated. My room is only 12x17.

The speakers are very detailed and fast with the amazing 600 integrated, and the bass is the most detailed I've heard, it just doesn't go real deep which is expected with the small mid-bass driver.

I'm very happy with the sound, but I'm missing a little 'punch' that I had with my Revel F52s. I'm not sure if this is just the difference in the speakers where the S1 is a two way and the Revels have lots of drivers and were known to 'boogie'. One option is my 600 integrated although capable of 250w into 4 ohms doesn't have the drive needed for the Magico S1s.

Any input from folks who have Magico S1s or the S series with respect to what and how much amplification is needed to get them to sound dynamic?

I love the Simaudio integrated and don't really want to get into separates again unless I will hear a big difference.

I've been wondering about a Bryston 14B SST2, Pass 250.8, 350.5, XA60.5, etc... and then would have to get a preamp and another Interconnect :(

The S1s are very neutral and I'm using a Bryston BDA2 DAC which is also very neutral and detailed which is why I was wondering if the Pass amps might add a tad bit of warmth; I don't know if the Bryston amp might be too much of a good thing with the Bryston DAC and the Magico.

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Excellent suggestions guys- Pass Labs would be an outstanding match for sure. I tend to agree w/ Cdrc. Give your speakers time to break-in. Then, re-eval as needed.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
"Would you believe that the best match I’ve heard for the $185,000/pair Magico Q7 is the $6495 Devialet 120? I know -- hard to fathom."

It is an integrated amp with internal DAC.
>> You need minimal 1000 hours on those speakers until
>> you you will yield the full benefits of your investment.

Oh, OK; I'm definitely up in the hundreds of hours but not in the 1000s yet.

One thing I've noticed with the 600 Integrated is it doesn't get anything more than just warm even when I play the music loud (for my small room) so it doesn't seem to be working that hard. I replaced a Modwright KWA100SE+Wyred STP-SE Pre with the Simaudio 600 and to my ears it was a sonic improvement so I don't want to flip it unless I really have to.

I'll give the pairing some more time yet; thanks for all the input!

RE: Zd542's question, no I only have the BDA2 as a source, but I found it very dynamic with the big Revels.

Big multi- driver speaker vs. smaller two way speaker. Sounds about right to me.

you probably need to upgrade to larger Magicos. one review online even posts that the S1 must be down considerably in output at 32hz where they are rated. also, being sealed box going to take some getting used to vs your ported Revels.
I own a pair of Magico S1s paired with a Modwright KWA 150 amp and Modwright pre-amp. I agree with Cdrc as well. There is quite a bit of burn in to say the least and you may wish to ask a local dealer (if you have one nearby) to audition a Pass Labs or Devialet. If you don't get more of a bass impact, then keep what you have and let the speakers burn in some more.