Magico Q7 . . . wow

In the world's best audio system

I think you are right that subjectively there is probably no single SOTA sound.

Audiophile that are tuned into this kind of thing do not all like the same kind of sound obviously so preferences would vary with SOTA type systems as well as any others I suppose.

Would a tube/vinyl and a SS/digital guy ever agree on the best sound? I don't know the answer, but it is surely not a lock.

IF one assesses a system from more of a objective technology/engineering perspective, it is probably easier to identify SOTA in a more objective manner. I would always expect good sound to result that is SOTA in at least some regards if not the absolute bomb in all ways for all.
Hi Peterayer,
Of course not! I still love Magico VERY much. I admire the way they do things...
And yes, I have listened to all the Q models. The day I went to listen to the Q7, I really went to listen to the Q1, which sounded very fine indeed. But as the Q7 were 'right there', I had to ask the sales to turn them on, and what a mistake. They made me 'forget' that I went for the Q1. haha...
The Q7 were driven by a Balabo amp. DAC was BADA Alpha2, Preamp was Balabo. CD player was Spectral. I only had 30 mins that day, but it was a very memorable 30 mins.

I know Nilthepill say he doesn't express his opinion often, but the comment that he is "highly skeptical that these speakers can 'fully' produce life like woody bloom".

To me that is just a plain wrong statement. Are you saying that the wood should 'sing along' to produce 'bloom'?

Whatever bloom there is, it should have been recorded. And the drivers should faithfully reproduce. If the 'wood' starts to sing along, you will get 'double the bloom'. It just doesn't make sense. I can see why one would associate wood with 'bloom' (all the wooden instruments), but don't forget, there's also brass instruments. So wood speakers can never reproduce brass instruments faithfully?

In short, speakers should just disappear and get out of the way, and only an inert silent cabinet can to that!
Good points Wslam.

Corollary is that the brass instruments would have 'double the Metal' in Q7 ;-)

That is why I said I am not looking for any debates as nothing is perfect.

Carry on!
I just ordered the Magico S5 speakers. Was going to upgrade from Maggie 3.7 to 20.7 -- love the speed and wall of sound, but struggle with moving up to an even bigger 20.7 footprint to get more weight/low end extension -- so giving Magico a go in system. Neutral, fast, uncolored and with accurate bass (sealed enclosure). Better imaging than Maggies and hoping for better dynamics in my room. Love the 3.7s but hey part of the fun of the journey is trying new gear while enjoying the music.
Wslam, Good to read. I completely agree with your comment about "bloom". The speakers should get out of the way. In fact, I think the whole system should get out of the way.

Those who want a bad recording to sound good will have to accept some coloration from the system when they listen to good recordings. I prefer to hear as much of the recording as possible.