Magico q5 vs. m5

I am very interested to the newest creation from alon wolf, and I consider to buy it...
But I have to investigate the relationship between the exceptional m5 and the new alu technologie inside the q5.
is the q5 the better speaker, despite the lower price...?
Is this possible?
Thank u....
I came back to my listening studio that afternoon(MBL101Es) and was wanting for the Magico's.

waouhh I love the 101E ...

do the Q5 achieves the holografic sound of these MBL ?
This was a public demo and not under controlled or familiar conditions. Please consider this tidbit: the Magico's had a freedom from “box” coloration that was memorable. Think electrostatic. I don't believe there is any speaker that offers the holographic presentation of the MBL.


German Physics does
Please give a listen of Burmester B100 in a whole Burmester Reference Line System. Ah the present stage that one is my reference concerning the the holographic presentation.

With best regards.
Has Burmester now gotten out of car audio and into high end?