Magico Q3 vs wilson sophia 3

Greetings to you all.
Someone listened to these speakers, if you explain me the differences.
I'm looking for a new speaker that is as transparent as possible
I think the speakers mentioned are.


Both speakers are quite transparent, however they differ wildly in character.

Wilson's are more exciting, go deeper and have more punch.

Magico's are less exciting, have perhaps a bit tighter bass with less punch, but are a bit more accurate.

It also depends on room size and what you are trying to get out of each speaker.

Wilson's play really loud without strain given enough high current amplification.

If you are looking for absolute transparency I would add the Vivid loudspeakers from South Africa also to your list.

Vivid's are really fast, and incredibly transparent, with totally unique drivers and technology.

Magico nor Wilson are really raising the bar in terms of technology, I don't buy into the carbon Nanotec thing with Magico as being any great driver breakthrough, they are nice looking nice performing drivers.

Magico does use very expensive crossover parts and their cabinets are extremely well built. Wilson's does use fantastic and extremely inert composites and does use some very good modified drivers.

I don't buy into the Wilson driver mythos, their drivers are very good, commercially available drivers with some mods.

You must find a way to listen to the speakers you are considering that is the only way to go.

You will find that there are plenty of Wilson and Magico fans and it all comes down to taste.
Audiofreakgeek Thanks for your reply.
My listening room is approx 48sq, my amplifier is an audio Vitus
101 ff.
Having had a mild hearing impairment on the high frequencies do not .......
I would take a great speaker and very dynamic, it would be useless for
My situation ... I hope I explained myself well ...... sorry for my
If I read your post right your room is 48sq meters (or 144' sq.)?

If that is correct your room will be about 12'X12' and I don't think you need speakers that big. I would save some money and look at the Magico V2 and add a few other brands to demo.

I have not heard the Magicos but have demoed the Sophia 3 a number of times. The Sophia is a good speaker but left me wanting a number of things at the end of the day. In their price range there are speakers with better driver integration, resolution and equal dynamics. I demoed a lot of speakers in the price range of the Sophia 3 and demoed a few in the same room and the Sophia was never my top choice.

The one thing that really stood out as being exceptionally good on the Sophia 3 was the soundstage. It was always very wide and stable. It had just enough focus while maintaining a wide soundstage. Other speakers that have wide sound-stages often lose a little focus as a result.

Wilson's bass always gets high praise but I have found it very room dependent. The speakers do not go that low in a large room and really need some room gain to get under 35hz. The driver dies off around 40hz and the port picks up the lower bass but it is down in SPL. Depending on your room you may or may not get flat bass down low but that is a given for almost all speakers.

That being said all (well most...) the speakers in this price range are pretty good. Demo as many as you can and pick a winner.
48 square meters is 517 square feet.
Q3 should be compared to Wilson Sasha, not Sophia 3. Though Sashas seem pointless now that Sophia uses the same mid/tweet. a lot more money for a few more cycles of bass....
I have to agree with Keithr. The Sophia 3 and Sasha sound very similar and unless you have a very large room and or odd seating distance, needing the adjustable head the differences are not worth the price.
So I do not know you, but Italian is measured in square meters ..... and my room is
48sq, which is not great, but even smaller.

But some of you have heard the magic q3??
Magico Q3 much more musical more dynamic better macro/micro dynamics better midrange depth.Overall i like Magico Q3 but thats only my opinion.
From your reply it seems that you have heard the good, as you would see
driven by the Vitus Audio SS 101?

Ciao EBM.
This is one thread where I feel everybody knows what they are exactly talking about. Ciro 71, if are choosing between just these two, hands down, Magico Q3. I think people already commented pretty well on their characteristics which are similar to what I personally observed through my auditioning. It is also interesting you mention Vitus Audio because that is exactly the gear that the importer here demo the Magico Q3/5s with. Great match, and will get you closer to real instruments/vocal sounds. "Wilsons" not even close.. check out hand side, you see list of gears they import, and Vitus and Magico are there. ;-)
Hello where did you listen to q3??
When compared to sasha wilson??
Although I have no experience with the Q3, I have owned the Mini II, and am very familiar with the Magico sound. It is a good speaker with very distinct character. However, after some time I found the speaker to be colored and fatiguing (Halcro and dCS gear). I found complete hapinees with the Vivid speakers. Very natural and realistic presentation. Even the small speaker, the V 1.5 is a world class speaker.
I've seen guys who played the last CES sasha wilson is vitus ss
Can someone tell me how they played??
Thank you all.