MAGICO Q1 vs dc10 Berlin SM

I was able to have both speaker over the weekend and all I can say is that MAGICO IS way to overpriced Berlin by dc10 audio was more open real and much much more of efficiency!! I want to like the expensive speaker but the sound has no life i have plenty of tube power 120W rogue audio monoblock!
Mountain High, could you please describe how the Q1 was set up, what was in the rest of the system, how big the room is, and how you actually did the comparison? Did you borrow the Q1 from a friend or a dealer?
If you are a dealer you should disclose that up front especially if you provide an opinion on a product you carry that you think is superior to a product that you don't carry. Otherwise your "opinion" is just B/S and self promotion.
That's great Ebm, I am not surprised..I am sure the frequency extension and effortless ability of the Q3 to move air made a tremendous difference...Enjoy the new system..
That's great Ebm, I am sure the additional extension and ability of the Q3s to move much more air is adding to your new found enjoyment...congrats and enjoy the music