MAGICO Q1 vs dc10 Berlin SM

I was able to have both speaker over the weekend and all I can say is that MAGICO IS way to overpriced Berlin by dc10 audio was more open real and much much more of efficiency!! I want to like the expensive speaker but the sound has no life i have plenty of tube power 120W rogue audio monoblock!
This guy was on the Tidal thread last week doing some bashing.
He has a habit of it, the Tidal thread wasn't his first. I believe that DC10 actually asked him to stop.

I understand liking a product and promoting it, but he takes it too far.

As a side note, he actually sells DC10 speakers. He says that he's not a dealer and that he supposedly buys their B-Stock and then resells the pieces.

It's really a shame, DC10 may be good speakers, but it's not helping promote them through his method of posting.

Magico Q1 ugly & Overpriced although it sounds very good.
Ebm, we can always count on you to chime in on a Magico related thread. Tidal may be overpriced in your opinion (not mine as an owner of the Piano Diacera) but definitely not ugly like Magico!
Thats right as a MAGICO owner i will chime in DUDE!!As a Tidal owner you can to.
Im only saying that about Q1 many people may think its beautiful!
I had the opportunity to try the Q1 in my system for a while..When they were delivered by the Goodwin's staff I was initially very disappointed.I was told that I should give them a chance to "settle" Since they were delivered in fairly cold weather I agreed.

I then went out for 3-4 hours leaving the system playing. when I returned, I decide to listen again. The sound had improved so much, I would have sworn Goodwin's folks had come back and replace them with another pair, these with different drivers and a much improved. I was amazed to say the least..

The point I am trying to make is that perhaps the OP had not heard the Magicos at their best. I have owned lots of very good equipment over the years and have never be as surprised as I was that day.
the magico q1 look very good thats very very good build the problem is that are uninteresting in sound quality until you pump a loads of power into it. The Berlin is big sounding with just a few watt and quite a ride with 200watt!
Jerry:Wonderful system great setup im sure it sounds GREAT!!Good luck.


Whether or not Mountain-High heard the Magicos at their best, or even if he's actually heard them, probably isn't what this post is about.

See my response above as well as Linkster's response. This isn't about anything beyond trying to promote and sell DC10 Audio speakers, which Mountain-High does.

If you look, Mountain-High has seven posts that he started. Six of them are about DC10 Audio speakers versus some other speaker, the seventh is about his supposedly buying a Zu speaker as his primary with his DC10 speaker in a second system that his wife also uses.

If you look at this post: you'll see responses by Quad-man, who appears to be DC10 Audio. In Quad-man's last post, four from the bottom, he asks Mountain-High to stop these posts. Mountain-High doesn't even seem to care what DC10 Audio thinks about his whatever these posts are.

Thanks for the notes, and the very nice comment Ebm...It seems a shame that dealers need to employ those kinds of tactics here. I was under the assumption that "dealers" we supposed to be up front and transparent and represent their motives for all to see. These kind of measure only serve to decrease my confidence when it comes to using the site and the forums in particular as I believe it was intended. Just one more reason that I have been less incline to do much business here. Very unfortunate best to all, Jerry
I cannot speak for the quality of the product. However, circumstantial evidence suggests a persistent deception and hustle through a few user names. See for example the ebay user "dc10-promos" auctioning off new dc10 items used to sell used watches among other items, and changed his ebay user name multiple times (history of ID changes below) ... please see his user name from May 09, 2012 through June 24, 2012? This is public information available to any ebay registered user.

User ID Effective Date End Date
dc10-promos Dec-23-13 Present
forte-auctions Jun-24-12 Dec-23-13
mountain-high-hi-fi May-09-12 Jun-24-12
dg-watches-hifi Mar-28-12 May-09-12
davidgerald-online Aug-02-11 Mar-28-12
davidgerald-timepieces Feb-16-10 Aug-02-11
dg-horlogerie-jewellery Jan-19-09 Feb-16-10
dghorlogerie1983 Dec-28-06 Jan-19-09
It is public we dc10audio used a 3rd party for ebay for 3+ years. Now it's dc10-promos is dc10audio's ebay store for B stock, trade-ins, and are running a promo through ebay.

How about answering Carl's (M-H) question.

Jerry,Sold Magico Mini 2 just got Q3 sounds wonderful best system i have ever had by a wide margin!!
So the OP is actually dc10audio?
Yes. Multiple personalities - same guy.
Mountain High was a past dc10 dealer.
That's great Ebm, I am not surprised..I am sure the frequency extension and effortless ability of the Q3 to move air made a tremendous difference...Enjoy the new system..
That's great Ebm, I am sure the additional extension and ability of the Q3s to move much more air is adding to your new found enjoyment...congrats and enjoy the music
Mountain High, could you please describe how the Q1 was set up, what was in the rest of the system, how big the room is, and how you actually did the comparison? Did you borrow the Q1 from a friend or a dealer?
If you are a dealer you should disclose that up front especially if you provide an opinion on a product you carry that you think is superior to a product that you don't carry. Otherwise your "opinion" is just B/S and self promotion.
Thanks,What do you think of S3 and S5.
I can attest to the fact that EBM has an "amazing" system,which is equaled by his music collection,his hobby knowledge/experience/passion and ability to eek out the best from it all.

He's had many speakers over the years(big Maggies,Avalon,Kharma etc)but though they were all stellar,nothing came remotely close to such a "living/real life experience" as his Magico set up.

Quite a few Audio Publication reviewers were in awe by what he has been able to recreate(really) and this is not my being unrealistic,if that seems so.....Just honest!

"That" is exactly why he chimes in on this subject,which is totally understandable,imo.

A "serious" hobbyist!