Magico Minis with poor-quality CDs rock/pop

Will the Magico Minis (or maybe V3s) scrape the paint off the walls or
send me running out of the room with Beatles, Stones,
Fleetwood Mac, British Rock, R.E.M., etc.?
Or do they require only well recorded Chesky, etc.
In other words are they ruthlessly revealing and searing
on these? Do they require tube amps to perform well?
(How about an Edge high-power solid state amp?)
Not looking for big-bass, slam, just some politeness
actually to tame bad CDs, as, IMHO, Aerial does,
and to some degree, Von Schweikert (I've owned both.)
I'm concerned when I read they "require only the best upstream equipment." I like speakers that can show inherent distortion on a recording, but somehow in a pleasant way. That's what I call good resolution. Thanks in advance.
The Magico speakers are great. Poor recordings will sound the way they should which is like garbage. However, I personally would not have it any other way.
Thank you for that. Maybe it's just me, but I
never liked a speaker manufacturer to tell me my
recordings are not good enough for their speakers.
Just my 2 cents...
Thanks again.
Good speakers should IHMO play all cd's even the poor ones and make some nice musicality at least. If you have to leave the room then something is not quite right with your set up.

How can you say 'The Magico speakers are great', but they make recordings sound bad? hmmmm.
Hello Gawdbless,

I did not say they MAKE recordings sound bad. I said if the recording IS bad they will reveal it, as they should.

You can not have it both ways. A system that tries to make every thing sound OK, will also compromise absolute performance.

I prefer systems the make recordings sound as they are which is all very different.