Magico Mini II vs V2 with Pass amps

I am considering new speakers and have heard both the Mini II and V2 in different systems, but not in mine or with Pass XA100.5 amps. My room is small and I value accurate timbre, transparency, a realistic soundstage and lifelike dynamics. I found the Mini II to be slightly more coherent with a slightly better soundstage, but the V2 went slightly lower and is an easier load for the amp. Both seemed very accurate, transparent and disappeared as sound sources. I listen mostly to small scale jazz (Ray Brown, Elle, Chet) and classical (Beethoven and Brahms, strings, piano and full orchestra).

I would appreciate opinions from people who have heard both speakers. Are my impressions consistent with what others have heard, which would satisfy more long term given my tastes? And what does anyone think about the Magico/Pass pairing. Thanks.
Peterayer, I have sat in front of both these speakers for long auditions because I was curious regarding the "magic" of Magico's.

For my taste I found the Mini 11's much more musical and pleasing to listen to compared with the V2's. The Mini 11's were being driven by your preamp and a XA-30.5 amp which had never trouble driving them and sounded beautiful together. The salon's owner believes that the pairing of the XA.-5 series with the 11's is the best he to offer in his place.
As a 4.5 year dealer for Magico I have to agree with both yours and Teajay observations; the Mini is a superior performer for both your reasons. However, I don't think the V2 goes notably lower but it can put out more volume and mid-bass impact. If you want to headbang, the V2. otherwise the Mini will do a better job of disappearing leaving you with the music you want.
I never heard either with Pass, sorry can't help on that.
Hi i heard the MAGICO V2 I OWN MINI 2 they do disappear they have the best sounstage and coherance . I love violin and piano my room id 12 1/2 w bu 20 l they work WONDERFUL in by room they do need power but they will give your a WONDERFUL SOUND!!
Looking at your requisites--music types and smallish room--Mini2 is without a doubt the better speaker choice. In addition to your findings, I also found them to slightly but noticeably excel in having the more refined (musical?) and palpable midrange. Had they been able to put out sufficient volume to drive my room I would have happily kept them. I (sometimes) listen moderately loud and to almost all kinds of music, hence reason for change.
Peterayer, I dislike intensely when someone "jumps a thread" and brings up other brands or items that the poster was not asking information about. With all do respect, would you be interested in another suggestion in the price bracket that the Magico Minill's are in.

I'm a planar speaker guy, but over the last ten months I have had the fun and pleasure to listen to some of the highest regarded box enclosure speakers on the market, including the Magico's. For my personal taste there is a couple of other speakers I would want in my system even more then the Mini ll's. If you want this information let me know and I will happly provide it, if not, I understand, and good luck with your speaker search.
Thank you all for your advice. I have decided on an excellent used pair of Mini IIs. I have a small room and they seem to be the best choice. I am experimenting with speaker location at the moment, but they sound wonderful with my Pass XA.5 amps.
Hi Peter,

did you try a wp/sasha with your XA100.5? It's a kind of magic. I have both of them at home and the result is very great. You have the impression to be involved in the music. As you, I think that I will change my preamp for a XP20.
Hi Jpspock,

I did not consider the Sasha. My room is too small for all of that bass. I had a pair of Eggleston Rosa's which were also a great combination with my XA100.5 amps but the bass was too much for my small room. The Magico dealer who knows my room well suggested that the Magico V3 was too much speaker for my room also. So I bought the Mini II and love them. I then compared the XA100.5 to the XA160.5 and found the latter sound better. The Mini II is a very demanding load. I now have real respect for the importance of the room/speaker interface.

I did hear the Sasha with the Ayre monoblocks set up by Peter McGrath from Wilson. The room was considerably bigger than mine and it had real bass issues also. Strange considering that the Wilson rep spent a day setting up the speakers at this new dealership. They should have sounded great, but acoustic bass sounded like one note with no detail or articulation. There was also an issue with the upper mid/tweeter transition which sounded strange.

I have a friend, Madfloyd here on Audiogon, who has Sophia II's and the XA100.5 and wants to audition the Sasha in his system. You may want to contact him.
minis nor V2s will provide "lifelike dynamics" imo.

HI Keither. So buy another speaker instead of running down 2 GREAT speaker!!
I think Keith is simply saying that dynamics are not these speakers' strong point; I agree with him (and I own the V2s).
I do not think you should judge what any of the Magico's can do with low power amps. Especially the Pass, which IMO, are simply less then ideal match with these speakers.
Yes, I agree with you about low powered amps and Magico. What do you consider appropriate power for the Magico's? I have heard better dynamics with horns and even Wilsons, but the Magicos sound great in most other areas.

The Mini II is a demanding load. I find that the Pass XA160.5 has enough power - 320 watts in class A at 4 ohms and even more power when it switches to class B. It can also deliver 36 amps of current. I have heard it with ASR, Nagra and the Pass XA30.5 and XA100.5 and I prefer the XA160.5 to the others. I'm sure there are even more powerful amps that are an even better match.

I heard the Magico V2 with a 100 watt Spectral stereo amp and it sounded fantastic and dynamic, but it is an easier load.
My MINI 2 need over 250ch i get 400ch into 4 ohms with plenty of dynamics i have Rowland 8T.Also by adding Symosium Svelte shelf under my preamp and Silint Running custom amp stand for Rowland 8T with Symposium Roller Block JR HE Helps maintain GREAT DYNAMICS!!Symposium super shelf under my TW ACUSTIC AC turntable gives me great dynamics on LP as well!!
HI Peterayer, What a wonderfull set up enjoy !!
Check issue 70 HI FI + for a great review of MAGICO MINI 2.