Magico M9 a ton of weight and a million dollar price tag $750,000

The inner and outer layers of the body are made of carbon fiber, with a honeycomb aluminum core in between. The company sought to control the vibrations of the hull without storing energy in it. Magico's proprietary tension strut system, aircraft-grade aluminum front panel, and aerospace-grade damping are still there.



I wonder how many non dealer-demos have been purchased so far? Got to keep my hopes up for nabbing a pair on the used market...

Meh, the updates aren't as significant as I had hoped.  I’m just going to wait for the M12....😁

I was just talking about the B&W Nautilus concept speaker and this reminds me a little of that. The exponential rear chamber on the tweeter, and bi-amplified design with external crossover and perhaps EQ. Looks like a great deal of differences has happened from when I toured the factory some 5-8 years ago. The tweeter and mid drivers look like completely new and not Seas / Scanspeak sourced. Or at least, not based on existing motors I know of.

The listening room they are in is also interesting. I’ve never heard a Magico that wasn’t designed for a lot of space or a lot of room control. These seem to follow along those lines, and at $750k one has to assume the buyer is going to build an entire building for them anyway so this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Since when is a $750,000.00 speaker a million dollars?  Is it that new Common Core math?