Magico Customer service

Is it considered to be good to include second hand speakers? Service provided on out of warranty products says a lot about a company. Thanks for any opinions.
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Their drivers are not the best. There is no evidence of that.

You could use a scanspeak illuminator and get good sound too. There is only so much you can do to improve a driver. What could possibly make a magico driver so much better than the scanspeaks?
i was afraid of this. obviously magico wants to sell new speakers with little regard for second hand units. this is disappointing. 
They are nothing more than metal cabinets with drivers in 'em as far as i know. Its mostly marketing. You could build a brick enclosure for a fraction of their cost.
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When I imagine Kenjit I imagine a large person on a mattress without sheets, with an i-phone 4 with iems, staring at a blank tv screen with its programming service disconnected, typing furiously, elderly mom downstairs screaming to ask him to take out the garbage.
When I imagine Kenjit I imagine a large person on a mattress without sheets, with an i-phone 4 with iems, staring at a blank tv screen with its programming service disconnected, typing furiously, elderly mom downstairs screaming to ask him to take out the garbage.
Well you are wrong. 

Kenjit you know NOTHING.What speakers do you have that are so GREAT??
you are missing the point. The point is, all speakers are not that different from one another. magico, kef, ATC, b&w, etc all the same. 

The only big difference is in the price. This misleads you into thinking there is a big difference in performance but you are wrong. I have heard high end speakers like b&w formation duo. You have never heard them have you EBM?
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In terms of customer service I have some horrible news for you. Magico did not answer my emails whatsoever. So i have zero respect for magico. Mr Magico if you are reading this i dare you to answer my emails!

perhaps you were never answered because they observed your posts here and realized you have nothing important to contribute and really know nothing about speakers and high end audio.  I’m still waiting for you to post pictures of your system so we can all LEARN from you😂😂
Exotic car parts aren’t cheap and neither are exotic speaker parts. Just be grateful that you can get both service and parts if needed.  
I've provided service to Magico owners without knowing if they are the original owners or not. I have not experienced any difference in support from Magico in support of that service or repair. Nor have any of those owners reported anything about their direct communication with Magico at those times (it is often the case that someone with a problem contacts Magico first before I end up speaking with them).
i’m not picking on magico at all but really want to know what to expect if i were to buy used. i’ve seen more than a little arrogance on display when it comes to high end audio. i hope that this is not a fault of magico. 
perhaps you were never answered because they observed your posts here and realized you have nothing important to contribute and really know nothing about speakers and high end audio.  I’m still waiting for you to post pictures of your system so we can all LEARN from you
you dont LEARN by looking at pictures of peoples systems. You learn by building your own speakers. Pictures look nice but they dont tell you much. 

Now somebody needs to email or call Magico and tell them that Master Kenjit has emailed more than once and never received a reply. It would be interesting to see what they have to say.

Magicos are not cheap. Audiophiles have a right to be shown EVIDENCE that they are high quality. Mr.Alon Wolf I challenge you right now!
Surely you added an extra zero accidentally. I don't think that Magico is charging 10,000 dollars for a woofer. 
Why cant they charge 10,000 dollars? They can charge whatever they like. Its unregulated dont forget! They could do a woofer for a million bucks and most audiophiles would never object.
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OP - 

So you're basing a potential purchase of a Magico speaker off of what a random person Kenjit is saying?

That's sad. 
I owned a Audio store for 10 years and  know a thing or two about everything regarding speaker  build and pricing,myself have been modding Xovers for years Magico makes a very good speaker ,very similar in many aspect to YG Acoustics 
custom machined drivers and cabinets .. Both are waay over priced though with roughly a 6 x markup per cost to mfg.  their Xover could be better Mundorf Supreme silver gold oil use too much plastic in its dielectric and a bit tipped up in scale ,also Path audio resistors are better in every respect vs the Mundorf resistors .for that kind of $$ Monies they for sure should put Duelund cast capacitors in there which are the best of the lot .I am speaking as if I built them 
and had my name on them for that kind of money referring to their $30k on up .top quality only would do IMO.

"In terms of customer service I have some horrible news for you. Magico did not answer my emails whatsoever. So i have zero respect for magico."

May it be because you contacted wrong department? Customer service usually deals with customers.
I’ve had a number of correspondences with one of Magico’s vice presidents, both before and after purchasing their A3’s. He was always prompt, helpful, and forthcoming. I wish I could tell you his name, but after transferring all my files to my new computer, Microsoft wont let me open any email correspondences without first installing their Outlook program, which I won’t do. So sorry about that (and screw Bill Gates and those weasels at Microsoft).

Try contacting Magico first saying you had some questions prior to purchasing one of their speakers, and they’ll probably hook you up with the same person. Ask him your questions and you might find out something directly from the horse’s mouth. Can’t hurt to try.

Here is my one cent worth - is you are buying at the MSRP you are a complete fool.  My customer owns two pairs of Magico speakers and he did not pay list price for either.  The most recent pair was lit MSRP $175 or something like that and he paid under $100K brand new.  I have not looked at the parts quality but they don't all sound alike B&W, KEF, Magico, etc.  Custom cabinets are way expensive PLUS in this business you can be in one day and old news the next so profit margins are key to making money.  Sales are competitive!  It is not like you are selling 100 speakers a week.

If you think they are way to expensive - trying making a similar speaker yourself!  Manufacturing is not that easy period.

Happy Listening.

Can't comment on magico but when I fried the tweeters on my Revels (purchased used on audiogon) they sent me a free pair of tweeters off the tech bench no questions asked. New stock was back ordered for months out and the rep couldn't even give me an ETA. The free set sound great and I have no complaints. Roughly 4 months later another set of brand new replacement tweeters just showed up in the mail. Assuming the order was filled when stock was replenished. I was never charged a thing. I received 4 free tweeters for my dumb mistake on a set of used speakers. I can't say enough good things about the customer service over at Revel. Maybe buy some Salon 2s if you Magico guys feel like slumming it with the rest of us (jokes, I got em).

Many moons ago,I had top of the line Monitor Audio monitor speakers.  When I was cleaning I stupidly moved them and sat them down face first on a sofa.  One of the graphite baskets cracked due to the weight of the massive magnet on the woofer!  Unheard of. 

I walked down to Saturday Audio Exchange in Chicago--a dealer at the time.  They poked around some binder and told me (this was 1999) that a new driver would be $800!  I was devastated as I was in grad school and without money to fix it. 

I called Monitor Audio outside of London direct.  A human answered and got me directed to another human.  The man asked me a couple of questions and sent me a new driver free of cost via Fedex!  

Low and behold, 6 months later, a friend knocked one of its stand (while drinking and listening to some great music).  The same thing happened!  

I called Monitor Audio again.  They said it wasn't a design flaw and the risk of this was pointed out in the manual. Then, the same man said, I'll send you another driver but I'm noting next to your serial numbers that this is the last time!

Wonderful service!  If I wasn't into horns I'd look at their Platinum line. 
OP, I would caution you to not listen to anyone on this forum. There is zero objectivity and many of the posters work at or own hifi stores and are biased against lines they don’t carry and compete against. Go to some other audiophile forum for this info. 
I have a question why are you guys with Magico speakers talking to Magico? Why don’t you call your dealer? I had a crossover go out on one of my 100lb A3 towers that is on the third floor of my townhome. Guess what? My dealer got a new crossover from Magico, came to my home with his assistant and a soldering gun and put in the new crossover, tested out my speakers. Tightened up all the screws, had a listening session with me and it cost me NOTHING! FREE! I think Magico customer service through my Magico dealer is Awesome! 
@mschott... you got me. My day job as a tradesmen is just a front. My real passion is shilling Revel gear via late night forum posts. Just sharing my experience as it seems to be uncharacteristically positive in the world of hi-fi... now back to the interwebs to tell tall tales about Revel. 

"Magico will not answer my emails."

Magico passes the Kenjit test. 
I made my earlier post to try and make clear that in my experience it doesn't matter if your Magico speakers are out of warranty or were purchased second hand, but that Magico and us Magico dealers will treat you the same and take care of you.

Reading some of the followup posts about replacement costs....

A V2 driver isn't USD $1400, but maybe that was including labor, or it was purchased through a dealer who marked it up a bunch when they shouldn't have? Or maybe there were international shipping costs or import taxes if outside the US?

And no, replacement Magico drivers don't cost tens of thousands of dollars.

@4425 maybe find out who your local Magico dealer is, and then do some research on how well they treat customers who are just calling for service and not to purchase anything? Maybe read some online reviews of them, or give them a call. That's might be the best way to find out what sort of service you would get in case you needed help with a pair of secondhand Magico speakers that are out of warranty.
Monitor audio platinum drivers are even better than Magico, read the white paper on their technology in the Platinum and they don't charge an arm and late for their drivers but then monitor audio is 10 times as big as Magico will ever be. Monitor audio even has two anachoic Chambers one in England one in China that cost a million dollars each to build so you can see who the better company is. And if your speakers is in warranty the drivers are free of charge.
JB Hiller their Platinum line is phenomenal sounding that AMT tweeter is so sweet and accurate and warm I have the Platinum 200 Gen 2 and I can tell you this they're Platinum line will beat speakers four and five times the price from any other company.
BOSE are even cheaper, and much bigger than Monitor audio, they as well beat speakers four and five times the price, and when something goes wrong, they send you a whole new product, not just a driver!
Incognito guy, for you to suggest a Magico guy associate with someone having free tweeters in their speakers is impertinent. 
I had to replace a woofer in my s1mk2 in warranty. Magico sent the woofer to my dealer who came out and replaced it. Let me tell you it is not easy to get the drivers out. I was told if it was not a warranty problem magico would charge $800 for the driver. Peter at magico answered emails quickly. 

I now have Rockports and can say that when I called them either Andy, Josh , or John amswer the phone. For my money they also build a better speaker right now too. heck Andy still services his old turn tables. 
Its called a rip off, plain and simple. Who in their right state of mind would pay that much for a speaker, let alone a driver. With all the cheaper and better looking options available, you have a choice. They price them high because some will buy the hype and pay. Why would they lower the price to reflect what you are actually getting when some are paying the asking price? Ugh....they are not using drivers made from another planet or universe. They do not know things that others do not know about. Personally, their speakers look awful in any setting. Their are others like them, all ugly and overpriced boxes.
Always heard great words about this company, products.

 I do on the other hand judge a company by their treatment of customers.  Most companies do a 90 day or a 2-5 year warranty with fine print, under controlled use, not with damage to drivers or products (for which the company will make that decision)

 im not bad mouthing any particular company, but a blanket on most manufacturers. 
 It is the manufacturers choice on the warranty, 1 year or etc,....

   the company should cherish its customers, treat them well, for choosing to spend money on their products, regardless of price!!,

   I had a few drams one night, and overpowered my speakers, one of the crossovers ceramic thingies (2” long, white, rectangular soldered think was black and fried on the crossover. I wrote the company, sent a picture, spoke on the phone with a tech a few times over about 5 days.
gave my address, name etc etc, model number, 
kept calling, and being honest with them , spoke with another gentleman about the warranty and what had happened...

    he appreciated my honesty, another couple phone calls, and a couple days later crossovers and tweeters showed up, free of charge.  I wrote several handwritten letters to the company, and the people who I spoke with,..and sent emails as well to several of the people who helped me.   It is THIS SERVICE which keeps me coming back (unfortunately the fine company was purchased and folded by the purchasing company). 
   When it comes to treating customers well, it should be paramount to their reputation and company rules.

  I’ve always had issues trying to get any warranty work on %90 of my purchases as I’m sure most of you all have!?

  Even the smallest receiver from well known companies treat you like the bubonic plague if you request warranty service.  

    I try to only purchase items from companies I know have a great track record. It is hard and almost not possible, but I’ve done pretty well in that dept.  

  companies should take the very best care of their customers.  
   For the negative Nancy’s - this is my opinion, and my experiences, I’m not dumping on any specific companies.

So it’s MASTER Kenjit now?  Truely rich!  Bwahhh! That is just over the top, even for Kenjit.  I’m mostly a lurker here and have been for quite some time.  I had to respond to that. When I see you’re ‘Thinking Einstein’ I go onto the next poster.  i’m probably missing something because once in a while I see somebody complementing you for what you’ve said. It’s too much though to try to deal with your giant Ego and negativity.    
K get the therapy you NEED!

Michael Lent

Oops. Got mixed up on who is who. MC has that Einstein. But all of what I said above applies to both of you.
Beauty is in the ear of the behearer. 

I look at warranty length and transferability before
I choose anything. If they don't believe in it, why
should I?

Some companies still offer lifetime warranties.

Let's do something positive on this post and make a list.

Here is one I know of. Now please add more!

Sanders Sound- Conifer, CO, Roger and Josh. Made in USA.
and one of the best values in home audio. (Yes I will own one someday)

Once we have this list completed-If it isn't already- I have a second category-
Return your product anytime you are not happy with it. 

This should be fun!!

If a product is under warranty, even if the product is sold, many companies honor that warranty. PS Audio or Chord are great examples. As long as you have the bill of sale from original purchase, they will cover repairs under warranty.

If a product is out of warranty or an issue is due to obvious consumer error (Magicos are front heavy and easy to tip when moving) why would a manufacturer service that product for free? I am not saying they should make a profit on the repair, but it seems reasonable to charge for parts and labor? 

Everything I hear about Magico is they help their customers (new or used) and charge fair prices for repair parts. You may not like those prices, but if you have a pair of speakers that are $40K new, it shouldn’t shock you if a tweeter costs $800. Honestly, if I bought a $40K pair of speakers and a tweeter cost me $50, I would be unhappy.

That being said, it is a great question to ask. I can think of a particular amp manufacturer that is openly hostile to people who purchase used products and literally does not honor their warranty for some first time buyers. You won’t have that issue with Magico.
Hi All,  I have a second hand pair of V3s.  I had a problem with one crossover after they were shipped cross country to me.  I wrote to Magico and got prompt and courteous service from their VP for Global Sales and Marketing.  He was super responsive, friendly, courteous, and helpful.  He actually offered to come by and help me optimize my listening room when he was in the area. 

My experience as a second hand owner was superb and their response to me a second hand owner of an older model has made me a huge fan....
I started the thread and it appears that Magico is an A1 company. Their service seems in line with the quality of their products. Very nice to know. 
Just curious as to whether they make their own drivers or outsource? And who makes them and can they be purchased from the mfg.?
The drivers are out sourced. The tweeters are modified scanspeak designs. I belive that the woofers areodified morel units. They have bespoke carbon graphine cones. Magico is not up front about their driver sources.