Magico A5 or Sonus faber SERAFINO TRADITION or Harbeth 40.3 XD

Looking at upgrading my speakers and I have no in home demo options.

I am looking at spending up to 25K.

Magico, Sonus faber, Harbeth are in the running.

I listen to  beatles, Dead, CSNY, Eagles.

I have a Mcintosh MC462, MC22 and a just ordered Berkeley Alpha Dac 3.  

I was leaning toward the Harbeth or SF but just read a great review on the MAgico A5.

Still working on buying a streamer to feed the system.

Looking for some thoughts.



My room size is 16.5 ft. x 12 ft.  The ceiling slopes from 8 ft. to 10 ft.  The A5 are powered by PS Audio BHK 300 watt mono blocks.  For me, this seems to be more than enough power.  I have the MAC 122 av controller being used as my pre.  They are 26 inches from the back wall.  The left speaker opens to the kitchen and the right speaker is about 19 inches from the window boundry.  These were set up by the dealer and I have left them there to just get use to the way they sound.  I will probably try to tweak their placement, but I am pretty happy with the way they sound.  Go to magico's website and down load the manual for the A5s.  They have pretty simple guidelines for placement.  Hope this helps.  They are just fabulous.  For 2 channel, I am not using the sub. and the bass is phenomenal and tight even at low volumes.

@joesolek Thanks, it looks like the A5 is a contender for my living room since it is similar to yours but with 20+ foot ceiling. I will download the manual.



Let me know if you buy them.  I would be interested if you find them as great as I do....or you can hate me for the recommendation.


I have owned SF Olympica III's powered by a Mac MA6900. Harbeth Super HL5 Plus powered by same and currently own Magico A5's powered by MacIntosh MC275 Mk V with a C2300 preamp. I also have a B&W DB3D behind my rack firing to the side walls (think Phil Zone). Best and most satisfying system I have had. 

Side note / big vinyl fan with an Aries 3 and audio technica Art 9XI. Streaming BlueSound Node 2i through a Mac MCD500 (also plays SACD). Similar size room with 12 foot ceiling. Happy to send pics. 

For the music you listen to my vote would be Magico. Someone up stream mentioned KEF blades, another good choice. SF would be wonderful if you were a classical / Jazz person but your taste in music lends itself better to Magico, KEF and Wilson.