Magico A5 or Sonus faber SERAFINO TRADITION or Harbeth 40.3 XD

Looking at upgrading my speakers and I have no in home demo options.

I am looking at spending up to 25K.

Magico, Sonus faber, Harbeth are in the running.

I listen to  beatles, Dead, CSNY, Eagles.

I have a Mcintosh MC462, MC22 and a just ordered Berkeley Alpha Dac 3.  

I was leaning toward the Harbeth or SF but just read a great review on the MAgico A5.

Still working on buying a streamer to feed the system.

Looking for some thoughts.



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@joesolek Can you tell us more about your setup? I am interested in the A5 and want to know more about the ideal room size (or volume) for them. How about placement issues? Since they are sealed I am assuming you can place them closer to the front wall. What gear are you using with them?

@joesolek Thanks, it looks like the A5 is a contender for my living room since it is similar to yours but with 20+ foot ceiling. I will download the manual.