Magico A3

Finally a set of Magicos that seem worth the price (to me):

I'd love to hear these.
Without commenting on the sound, and focusing on buyers preferences, the A3 is outselling everything near its the price point of $9800. By a factor of 6 or 7 to one. We have had customers wait as long as 6 months to get a pair. And we have outsold the supply. Though the supply has begun to catch up and we can now deliver on most sales asap.
This is the buying public speaker with their dollars. 
I am a fan of A3 too. I'm selling my other gear to finance purchase. Seems the review at Soundstage Ultra mirrors what I heard with a short demo at dealers. The dealer was using Hegel 390. It's weird someone says treble was agressive! I never heard Sopra 2 so I can't comment but I did hear Kanta 2 and from quick listen speaker is leaner and not as coherent and lacks air compared to A3!
For that price I would rather get the monitor audio Platinum 200 Gen 2 which look about a million times better and sound just as good or better.
You should update the price on here they're no longer 9800 I believe they're like 12,000 US now.