Magico A3

Finally a set of Magicos that seem worth the price (to me):

I'd love to hear these.
I have the Thiel 2.7, which replaced my bigger Thiel 3.7.
I'm curious:  What are you looking for from the Magicos that you don't get from the Thiels?
A few months ago I auditioned the Magico A3 at a local dealer with the intention that I would probably buy/order a pair. Well, I ended up buying the Focal Sopra 2’s. You can read my journey in this speaker section and in the Members Review section under Sopra 2.


Mostly it is Upgraditus. I am always looking for more detail. I have had the thiels for awhile (5 years maybe) and I am just board with them now. 

I have not demoed the newest models from the major brands.

Last time I looked around at Sophia 3, 802d, focal 1037b, thiel 3.7s, revel studio 2, and felt like they all had pluses and minuses and after demoing I just added the two subs to the 2.4s (using the internal crossovers at 60hz) due to not thinking the upgrade was worth the cash layout and bought a projector with the “extra” cash. 

I though the magicos might have the details I want in the mids and I am intrigued by the brand. 

the sopras do look nice. I have not heard them but liked the 1037be back when I demoed them. 
@james633  I think I remember your prior Thiel posts as James63 back in the day. Nice to see your posts again. I was into Thiel when you were shopping around for speakers back then, so I remember paying attention to your posts. 

I was about to buy the A3 this month however, I am running into some room issues (maybe too small). I demoed the A3 with Mark Levinson 585 integrated and it was a fantastic match. It sounded like a much more expensive speaker with great detail, large sound stage and the speakers really disappeared. They also sounded very good at ALL volume levels that I tested at, from very low to semi-loud. The demo room was rather perfect so maybe the speaker does not sound this good in not so perfect rooms.

To that end my dealer has allowed me to demo these speakers for a few days at my home. I will do so sometime in early 2019. I have a feeling the A3 is going to be a little big for that small room but I will not know until I try. 

If you have the space and the funds you may also want to check out the Magico S3MKII. In my opinion, it is better than the A3 but also bigger and more expensive. A KEF Blade (can get used at $15K) would be something I want to do over the A3 and S3MKII if I had even more space. I loved the Thiel CS 3.7 and like the Blade even more.