Magico A3 vs Magico S1 MK2

What do you guys think about either of them. I am currently trying to get rid of my BW 702 S2 and thinking about either of them. I have auditioned Magico A3 and liked it a lot. Had auditioned S1 MK2, a while back. I currently have Naim Unity Nova. I like the S1 Mk2 overall except for bass, which A3 does better. A3 is also good on high and meds, but little colored when compared to S1Mk2, which is bit neutral. Am liking both, but want to see if any of you guys have owned either of them and your overall experience. 
Nobody is shipping if so everything is delayed.The Magico drivers mid range and woofer come from Israel.The virus is affecting everything.Where do you live?
Indiana. I heard that new orders for Magicos take 6-8 weeks
This is true 8 weeks is quick with A3s.Magico has sold over 800 pairs they are always back ordered as this is Magicos most popular speaker by far.I was stationed in Indiana in the 68 at FT Benjamin Harrison.Good luck and stay well.Remember these speakers will take over 500 hours to fully brake in.
I Am looking at both the a3 and s1 mk2 as well. Using Hegel 360, but challenged with a small room that makes it difficult to place speakers in the optimal position. Even considered the a1 to accommodate space concerns. Any recommendations on the above options given space concerns.