Magico A3 vs Magico S1 MK2

What do you guys think about either of them. I am currently trying to get rid of my BW 702 S2 and thinking about either of them. I have auditioned Magico A3 and liked it a lot. Had auditioned S1 MK2, a while back. I currently have Naim Unity Nova. I like the S1 Mk2 overall except for bass, which A3 does better. A3 is also good on high and meds, but little colored when compared to S1Mk2, which is bit neutral. Am liking both, but want to see if any of you guys have owned either of them and your overall experience. 
Guys, somehow the dealer could not get magico A3. I am still on square one. S1mk2 is still ok board. My friends were craving about MA PL300ii and psb imagine t3. I am fan of magico. But before I pull trigger on S1mk2, want to make sure I am not making it prematurely before considering this. With current virus pandemic going on, have no way to audition these. Any thoughts if people have heard those or own those.
The Imagine T3 is a full range speaker and almost 1/2 the cost of the Magico. I don't think it is an apples to apples comparison. Though bass positioning will not be optimal, the T3 is -3db at 24Hz. That is small subwoofer territory. Add a couple subs to the Magico and you are easily 2x the price of the T3.

What are you going to listen to? Will you be getting a sub with the Magicos?
I gave you great advise having owned 3 MAGICO speakers so give up and get Bose wave radio pretend it sounds great.Now is a very bad time to buy anything wait until July maybe.
I am being a fan of Magicos. It has some "magic" to it in the sounds. By the way, ebm, why do you think this is bad time, aside from the virus pandemic. 
Nobody is shipping if so everything is delayed.The Magico drivers mid range and woofer come from Israel.The virus is affecting everything.Where do you live?