Magico 3

Has anyone heard the Magico 3? How does it compare with the Magico Mini 2?
I assumes you are talking about the V3. I am a Mini 1 owner who decided after a long self debate and few listening sessions to order a pair of V3 instated of upgrading my Mini. I have heard the Mini 2 and I can agree with all that has been said about them (You can read it on the avguide forum). I also had the opportunity to spend some time with the V3 and hear its strengths. I believe that the V3, overall, has more to offer then the Mini. They are truly 2 very different speakers. When the qualities of the Minis are easily detected, it takes a bit more time to realize what the V3 are doing. I will argue that its 6” pure midrange is much more transparent then the Mini 7” woofer and therefore let you hear more of “faulty” setups issues. I did not pick up on that until we changed cables and completely transformed the sound of the V3. I have never heard such a transformation before. These speakers are so transparent and linear that passing judgment on them is very tricky. It took me some time to figure out that I am actually “hearing more” with them then I do with the Minis. I also love the bass and the sense of ease they have over the Mini.

This is exactly what I thought listening to the V3 at HE2007. Incredibly fast, transparent sound (which is always my preference), but I just couldn't decide whether something was missing, or whether the speaker might be difficult to relax with over the long term. System ancillaries and set-up could easily make the difference.
I heard the speakers at the HE2007 as well. Although, I could hear the potential, the overall performance was nothing like the one I have heard recently. Understanding the V3 better now, explain much of what I was hearing at the show. The dealer demoing the V3 insisted of turning off all other digital equipments he had in the room other than the one we listen to. The difference was shocking. The sound gotten more dimensional, a glare that was riding the top was completely gone. These speakers are so transparent and uncolored that you have to recalibrate you thinking to understand what is going on. Very impressive and, IMO unique.
Thanks for making me realize that I was not crazy. I have never heard Mini sound good at any show, and I thought the big Magicos were overloading the room at CES. Then I asked what are these speakers and was told they were Version 3s and listed to them. A friend was with me who is looking for good speakers. I told him that these are what you need.

But I have been told by others that the Mini 2s are truly exceptional if you listen under the right conditions and there are certainly many with these speakers that rave about them. Were I to buy Magicos, I would buy the Version 3s.
Please do not get me wrong. The Mini 1 and 2 are truly amazing loudspeakers and I never heard them sounding less than spectacular at shows, dealers and my house (Well, excluding one RMF at Rowland room, but he was paring them with a sub he built). I really had a hard time deciding but the more I listen the V3 the more I realize what potential they have. By the end of the day, I feel that they may have more to offer then the Mini. Will report back once I get them.
Roypan, I understood that you were not dismissing the Minis. I really want to hear the new Feastrex speakers at the RMAF. They may be more satisfying than even the Magico Version 3s.
Yep, I am sure, much more satisfying. Like we never heard Lowthers before. Only this time, it is really good... BTW, what a nice thing to say to someone who just ordered a V3 (You got me worried for a second, thank god for Google).
Roypan, sorry about that. I have had a love/hate experience with full-range drivers. I love having no crossover, but only the Beauhorn Virtuosos proved at all satisfying for me. I had to add subwoofers and super tweeters to use them, however. I have one friend's report on what the drivers not in cabinets sound like. I am hesitant to jump until I hear them. Ah, yes, the quest!
I listened to the V3 for about 45 minutes the other day. This was the same pair demonstrated at HE2007 but with an updated crossover.

The sound these speakers produce is very clean, detailed, and balanced. If you are looking for warmth or lushness from a speaker look elsewhere, but if you want a speaker that allows you to hear into the music without sounding forward or strident, then these are well worth checking out. They do not jump up and grab your attention from the first note, but rather let the music suck you in a way that reminds me of Dynaudio designs.
I wonder what constitute as “warmth or lushness from a speaker”. Both these words have a positive connotation to them but yet, I would not want them in my system unless they are embedded in the recording I am listening to. I have heard the V3, and my Mini 1 for that matter, sound both cold and warm, dry or lush, depending on set-up and source. I think you can make them what you like depending on how you run them. I do agree, to some they will not grab attention the way some, usually ported design with access energy in the 60-80Hz, loudspeakers do. To my ears, the transparency and linearity, of these speakers are intoxicating and unique. I have heard glimpse of it on the Mini 1. I believe that the V3 is taking this concept to a new level.
Mini 2 more open more detail warmer midrange also build quality much better!!V3 is also a world class speaker cant go wrong with either ONE!! That being said i think overall mini 2 more musical i love chamber must strings etc BOTH are worls class!!
I do not think that the built quality is any different. It is less elaborate, but just as exquisite as the Mini. I do agree, the Mini is more of a statement then the V3. You do give up on the fine and truly unique design of the Mini but the fullness of the V3 and, IMO, more transparent midrange, is something I cherish. I do listen to big orchestral work and I think that the V3 will do wonders. But, I do agree, you cannot go wrong either way.