Magic Eraser as Isolation Feet

Yes, it's another Magic Eraser thread. But this one is different.

One of the gripes I've had with my Teres turntable is the slight mechanical hum from the Verus motor controller. Regardless of what DIY solution was underneath (or atop) the controller, I still could hear a *very* faint humming / buzzing from the controller.

That is...until I tried using Magic Eraser as isolation feet. I also placed enough weight on top of the controller to slightly compress the Magic Eraser. This helps damp the top of the controller, but using the Magic Eraser as feet alone did the trick. The mechanical noise is *completely* gone. Dead silent.

Is there anything this stuff can't do?
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You will be seeing this for sale, re-packaged and sold for who knows what.

It's like those cork pces with the rubber wrap for isolation used by air conditioner installers who don't pay much for such but the same or similar product re-packed and sold as audio isolation through companies for stuppid money.

A little of topic;

I have a micro scope and was at a friends place who wanted to check it out what his stylus looked like.

While looking at the pic on my lap top it was pretty scary with all kinds of goo on it. I told him all I use is a magic eraser to clean.

His wife had some by chance, we cut a wedge and lowered the stylus several times. You could see brown stuff being left behind onto the eraser.

Took another look using the scope and nice and clean.

He's a believer now, his controller was also making a bit of noise and we just cut some pces for the heck of it and placed underneath, gone just like you mention above.
I find cheese works well myself.
Four little rolls of Edam in the wrappers is great.
Magic eraser is made of melamine foam. I found this stuff online at $60 per 2" thick 2x4 feet sheet with Wikepedia saying that it has been used for years for sound insulation. Do you think it would work under 150 lbs speakers as an isolator?
Lol Elizabeth ....very funny.
I actually use a Camambert as a record clamp.
I'm really glad I've never cleaned my records on a cleaning machine......wouldn't want to get rid of any mould release.
I use cheese under my turntables for various types of music.

Monterey- mostly for California based bands
Limburger- for lousy recordings
Canadian Cheddar- Rush, Neil Young, Tragically Hip
Muenster- German classical
Provolone- Opera
Brie- DeBussy, Dukas

Usually takes a couple days to settle in
Elizabeth, I find Swiss works better for Holy music.
Audiofeil - I'm disappointed only 6 options - I expected a top ten.

I like to use two slices of Canadian Cheddar one on top, one on the bottom with a hockey puck in between. 3 of these under anything is magic.

Elizabeth that is a really cool smile.