Magic Diamond vs Airtight PC1?

In my quest for a new cartridge I seem to be narrowing my choice down to a Magic Diamond vs Airtight PC1. I have not been able to hear either of these so I am looking for any insight anyone can provide. I will be using the cartridge on a VPI TNT IV with an Eminent Technology 2.4 tone arm with the high pressure manifold. I am running dual mono with two Krell KPA Phono preamps. Thank you for any input.
I am waiting on the FedEx man to deliver a PC-1 this afternoon, currently using a Dynavector XV1-S and Goldfinger, though I much prefer the XV1-S. I should have it setup in a couple of hours and will report back.

I'd also be curious about a comparison between the Dynavector and the Goldfinger.
Hemisferik, I am anxious to hear you view on the PC1 vs the other cartridges you have. Thanks.
PC-1 is now setup in the Rockport, tracking @ 1.9g (Roclport always tracks lighter by .2/3g) loaded at 240 ohms, tried 475 too bright & 100 too dark. Phono is Aesthetix IO & Callisto.

PC-1 has only 8 hours on it so please bear in mind my comments are all initial impressions!

Goldfinger - very dynamic, can be aggressive, needs at least 2 hours to warm up and then softens a touch. I spent 6 months with it, finally became fed up with its aggression/hardness as it tended to make everything sound the same. Tracked @ 3.15g loaded @ 800 ohms, likes 1/2 degress of VTA up at the back.

XV-1S - softer, less resolute than the Goldfinger or PC-1. Easy to live with, quite musical but missing the dynamic drive of the other two. Tracked @ 1.81g loaded @ 100 ohms, level VTA.

PC-1 - High output .6mv, certainly has some drive, very dynamic and resolute without the hardness of the Goldfinger. Out of the box very impressed overall with its ability to combine excellent resolution/dynamics and musicality. THrows a huge soundstage. Can only improve with time so I will report back in a couple of weeks. Combines the strenghts of the Goldfinger with the XV-1S.

Hopes this helps.

Thanks for taking the time to share your initial impressions of the PC-1.
Please do keep us updated as it breaks in.